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National strike looms

Comment: stop the blaming game

charles Akuffo, U.S.A
2006-06-06 12:55:35
Comment to:
This bulshit

This whole thing does not allow ghanaians to insult our president because it is a public issue,and the public is me and you,why me and you?. we elected those m.p's and our president,so if we think they are not doing what we send them there to do!,let's keep our mouth shut and wait till the election year and then tell them what we think with our votes.....thank you all ghanaians for reading this piece of advice...God bless Ghana,God bless our president and God bless citizens of GHANA....

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06-06 04:20
J B Nyamekeh
06-06 13:03
stop the blaming game
charles Akuffo, U.S.A
06-06 12:55