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National strike looms

Comment: NDC to stop MCA won't backfire

2006-06-06 12:54:09
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The NDCs threat to stop the MCA wouldn't bacfire in 2008 because the are actually trying to put together in tranparency exactly the conditions given by the U.S before accessing the MCA. The NPP government on the other hand is trying to fool the U.S government that everything is smooth in the country. If a good opposition party doesn't see to it that some of the misunderstanding and issues in the country are iron out before the MCA, the money will be diverted to different sectors and the things the money is meant for will not be done. this is what a good opposition party need to do, and i applaud the NDC for the good job and a good leadership they are showing. Any sensible person can see that the NDC as a party have the country at heart. God bless Ghana.

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NDC to stop MCA won't backfire
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J B Nyamekeh
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