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National strike looms

Comment: Re: NDC does not wish Ghana well

Kwame Frimpong
2006-06-06 10:26:37
Comment to:
NDC does not wish Ghana well

Kufour could not wait till Ghana get the MCA before buying a hotel of $6million. The president has no pity on Ghanaians but you guys are appealing to pity here. if a Dr. has to buy 2 gallons of petrol each day to go to work and at the end of a month just get 2million cedis as pay what do you expect them to do. they may end up lossing their wives to Anane, Aliu, NPP Obiri and co.

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06-06 04:20
J B Nyamekeh
06-06 13:03
Re: NDC does not wish Ghana well
Kwame Frimpong
06-06 10:26