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National strike looms

Comment: Wise up Seth!

2006-06-06 09:46:34
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So are you saying all Ewes are NDC's. Shame on you to assume that kind of assertion. I have Ewe friends who dislike NDC and what seem like JJ's attempt divide the nation on tribal lines just as much some Akans who also dislike NPP. Or do you think Quarshigah & family support NDC. I will admit that the Akans only crime may be that they sometimes feel superior to other tribes but they are also far tolerance, acceptance, and inclusive than other tribes.
Tribalism is becoming a big problem for our socio-economic growth. Think before you write.

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06-06 04:20
J B Nyamekeh
06-06 13:03
Wise up Seth!
06-06 09:46