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National strike looms

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2006-06-06 09:38:36
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National strike looms

Kufour and his cohorts are confused and dont know what they are doing. They are begging for MCA so aggressively that the forget about what happens to their people back home. For how long are going to rely on these so called US and the western world? Now it has gotten to the stage where their failures are being blamed on the opposition NDC. Then NDC must be powerful after all.
This news write up from the chronicle should tell Ghanaians that NDC has the welfare of the whole nation at heart. Why didnt Haruna Iddrisu and the NDC kept quiet because their electoral areas are the most beneficiaries under the MCA document? They would have kept quiet but no, Ghana as a whole must be the beneficairy and not just particular regions. This is what the NDC stands for. I think Kufour and his ministers are out of ideas to help develop our country. They should stop begging agressively and concentrate on the developing the abundant and rich resources we have at home

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J B Nyamekeh
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Re: National strike looms
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