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National strike looms


2006-06-06 06:28:28
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I have a BIG problem here. Yes, workers need good pay packages to be able to function effectively. I quiet remember, in Gen. Acheampong SMC period, these our honorable doctors went on strike followed by other workers, pay/salaries were increased and the trend has followed since yet, the services rendered out by workers have not improved the country's developmental needs a bit.

What do we see!? Corruption,Lotto-workings at official hours, late-coming to work, leaving eairly before closing hours, etc.; even now, some of the doctors have their own clinics with the drug supplys from the PUBLIC hospitials while the senior civil servants have established consultancies which they give out contracts of their public departments for astronomical fees to benefit their own pockets.
To-day it is not even punishable for a worker to have an INVESTEMENT well above his estimated earnings. No-body even dare to expose such neferious dealings.

All these things are happening against a 'civil and public service general orders'.

What is happening to this country? Why people do not want to obey rules and yet want their rules to be obeyed!? Something has to be done and sooner the better. The 20 years of mis-rule has crippled the effective running of all relivant institutions and the rules governing them -;

the results of the PDC's and the WDEC's is what we are reaping to-day........."AKONKO NTIMAA A'DANE APONKRERENEE".

If any-body wish to see why Ghana, Our Ghana is to-day, One need not see far but that era, the PDC / WDC era..

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