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National strike looms


2006-06-06 06:19:10
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National strike looms

This is the thing that has kept Ghana underdeveloped both economically and politically. People this is the truth about Ghana. WE ARE VERY POOR COUNTRY; OUR BUDGET IS SUPPORTED TO THE TUNE OF 40% BY OVERSEAS DONORS. Our public sector population make up to about 3% of the general population. This tiny percentage almost always consumes over 40% of government revenue. Their undermining trade-in-stock is to use their services as a weapon to cripple any government, it doesn't matter which. Now what did past governments do to satisfy such dangerous constituents, controlled by the Unions? Yield to their demands for more pay and turn around to print more paper money, fueling inflation and thus rendering the pay increments useless.

If that would only affect the unions that would not be annoying but the cycle of strikes - often started by nurses and teachers - followed by more paper money printing lead us to nowhere but hyper-inflation and the preparation of the grounds for social upheavals which manifests itself in the form of coup d'etats and extreme poverty. My solution is simple. Government should pass legislation to ban unions. That mischievous sector of the economy is the bane of our underdevelopment.

Employers do not constitute unions, so employees should not form unions either. Real growth lies in working hard to increase productivity, which would in turn increase the purchasing power of the cedi, not this perennial clamor for more pay, for lackadaisical work attitude and ethics. Government should stand firm in order to control inflation and bring about real growth and development. These civil servants are in fact the most corrupt sector of the economy. They don't work fully and completely in a timely and honest faction but the first to ask for more money. It is absurd that we should allow 3% of the population to spoil the soup for all of us.

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