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We’ve reached a point of no return in demanding our independence - Western Togoland Group

Comment: Rubbish e.......

AJ Jones
2020-09-07 20:39:49
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Re: We’ve reached a point of no return in demandin

E.. ., no wonder you don't have a name. Oti region is not part of your desperate Togoland. When pndc/ndc is in power no body comes to make any unnecessary noise, it's when npp is in power. KT Hammond said Ewes from Togo are not Ghanaians and what's wrong with that, the same thing applies to the Nzemah's in ivory coast are not Ghanaians. German, Austria and part Switzerland share the same language and culture but they don't ran into to Germany to register just because they speak the same language. That's why no black African country is a role model to any, we hate modernisation, transformation and sacrifice.

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09-07 09:16
Rubbish e.......
AJ Jones
09-07 20:39