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Sarkodie meets fan who has tattooed his name all over his arms

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Ndc nkwaseafuo party
2020-08-09 15:56:16
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I laugh enter Magazine

Woy3 gyimifuo paaa ! Ekuraseni alone show who you are ! Stop the hate and reorganize your life for Sarks is your age group but taking care of himself not his parents feeding him or relying on any politician to feed him . Kwasia, i don't even know if you brush your teeth ! Hate and enviness is recipe for poverty ! You insulting on social media and the 2 who are showing affection who is primitive ! Do you people think before you comment on social media and do you know how it travels? Just disgracing Ghana ! Nigerians and other ECOWAS nationals who haven't been to Ghana before wonder why Ghanaians hate themselves ? and they read comments from fools like you ! I always tell them there are 2 groups in Ghana the civilized and the uncivilized they uncivilized think hate and enviness is better thsn hardwork snd prosperity so their lazy attitude make them hate abd envy those hardworking people ! So if you see any comment of hate, insult and jealousy know where that person is coming from it will come from those lazy poor who behave like somebody has taking something that should belong to them ! They live in Accra and never go back home because there is nothing back home and think Accra is Ghana ! Nonsense

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