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ATU students sign petition to ensure they don’t write exams on campus

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2020-07-22 17:10:18
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ATU students sign petition to ensure they don’t

In fact I don't understand why our side of the world it is difficult for the adults or top leaders to consider the opinions of those under them. Perhaps there are reasons that the Vice Chancellor and his team want their student to come and sit for the exams at campus. But let not rank exams so high in this abnormal era, because even in normal times people do stay in the country (Ghana) and study abroad through online and get their; Degree, Masters, PhD etc. ATU academic board the current situation world wide is no one's making so why letting your students go through this stress. In the first place lecturals and students have done well adapting to this online learning, zoom meetings, assignments, interim test and others irrespective of the challenges at the initial stages. If not this pandemic the school(ATU) well be on vacation long time for students (Regular and part-time) to prepare for the next academic year. ATU Authorities please in this abnormal period that human lives are involved please re-consider your decisions and organize a take home exams for your students, moreover there are also students working at various security services, health service and other public bodies who are all working tirelessly at the interest of the nation. ATU Authorities it is not safe for students to come to campus for exams in this world pandemic.

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