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Coronavirus: Gov't to evacuate stranded Ghanaians from London

Comment: Stranded in London or Dubai?

Dr. Ofori, UK
2020-07-15 12:36:16
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Coronavirus: Gov't to evacuate stranded Ghanaians

This senseless and thoughtless evacuation exercise is another example of the careless and inhumane way with which the Ghana Government treats it's own people. How do you expect somebody who is stranded in London and at the mercy of whoever the person came to stay with, to find money not only to pay for a more expensive flight than the return ticket, but also to self finance a two-week hotel bill when they get home. Surely, such travellers will have the appropriate facilities to self isolate if required to. Who is the middle person between the poor stranded and these designated hotels? No doubt some government officials must be profiting from such arrangement. Putting such obstacles in the way of these Ghanaians stranded in London, will not help but only serve to perpetuate their ordeal.

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07-15 03:11
Stranded in London or Dubai?
Dr. Ofori, UK
07-15 12:36