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BoG dead silent on new cedi notes video as man captured in footage dies mysteriously

Comment: Dumb

M. T.
2020-07-07 07:19:28
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BOG dead silent on new cedi notes video - As man c

This is a dumb article. Money doublers, charmers, "sendi namisendi" have been, since 2012, live on our satelite tv stations everyday with bigger cash than this. Even J.J said one "baby with sharp teeth" bought two mansions and paid with cash just after his party was defeated yet no one reported it to BOG. What about Ibrah1 and co displaying their cash always? When has it become the duty of BOG to investigate people holding large sum of cash? If you suspect crime report to CID or conduct your independent investigation, and stop the lazy journalism which often creates useless, toxic discussions. Anyway that money over there is chop money for some people if you care to know, especially people who own dollar accounts. Just a few 100 USDs will exchange that bunch of cash.

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M. T.
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Read with a grain of salt
07-07 10:54