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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Columnist: Superior, Musa

You can no longer be a floating voter in such a miserable state

Now that Eid festivities are over, lets get back to business.Today I want to focus on the floating voter. This group of people are a unique breed that require our attention. We must thoroughly engage with them and assist.

I will attempt to discuss why they must find their way out of the wilderness of ambiguity in which they have sought comfort in all the elections held in Ghana since 1992.

Please answer the following questions if you are a floating voter.

1. Has your government salary not been paid in months?

2. Are you shocked that roasted plantain cost 1 Ghana Cedi a piece?

3. Do you develop stress headaches every time the Ghana Cedi see-saws back and forth on the currency markets?

4. Do you ever wonder what happens to the money collected at the toll booth you just passed?

5. Do you feel powerless when a policeman stops your car for some ridiculous infraction and demand some kind of bribe?

6. Do you really understand what the T.V. license fee is for and how it will be accounted for?

7. Do you live in fear of armed robbers in the community you live?

8. Is the cost to operate your home generator killing you?

9. Are you still buying water to fill your poly tank, even though you see the Weija dam looks full every time you drive by it?

10. Did you watch the latest Anas tape on some of our Judges and just get really angry?

10. Are you able to pay your child/children school fees, etc?

If you answered yes to at least five of the above, it is my pleasure to inform you that, you can no longer be a floating voter. You must advocate and vote for CHANGE and Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP will 'oust' the status quo and sharply restore our country back to a functioning condition when given the mandate.

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