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You attract demons when you use sex toys – Pastor

File photo: People are being advised against using sex toys File photo: People are being advised against using sex toys

Certified counselor and host of Happy FM’s social and religious programme ‘Nsem Pii’, Rev. Nyansa Boakwa, has warned that when people use sex toys, they indirectly attract demons.

He made these assertions in an interview with eTV Ghana’s adult edutainment show ‘In Bed with Adwen’.

Pastor Nyansa Boakwa explained, “When you’re using a sex toy, it’s just like doing yoga. You have to focus on what you’re about to do. You have to imagine the presence of a lady and imagine doing all those things to her. When you do this, assuming the lady you’re imagining having sex with lives all the way in Kumasi, you’re calling her spiritually to have sex with her.

If this lady does not appear, then another demon will appear in her place to have sex with you so when you’re using the sex toy and imagining looking at this lady’s ass and breasts and doing all those sexual things with her, you’re rather doing it with a demon”.

According to him, God has given mankind a will and that will is what makes people make decisions in life therefore when someone decides to buy a sex toy and imagine themselves having sex with someone, it is their will and God does not control that.

The man of God however advised that people should do well to find themselves partners and get married so that they can have sex rightfully instead of resorting to sex toys.

Again, he added that couples should try to resolve their issues whenever there are any, rather than avoiding each other because that may cause either of them to resort to using sex toys temporarily, which could cause long-term problems if they happen to attract any demon spiritually while in the act.