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Regional News of Saturday, 21 August 2021


Women must stand up for their position in the Africa we want - Vice President of Liberia Jewel Taylor

Vice President of Liberia, Jewel Taylor Vice President of Liberia, Jewel Taylor

The Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, Her Excellency Jewel Taylor has challenged African women to not withstanding the many challenges confronting them, rise up and take their place in terms of leadership on the continent.

The Vice President of Liberia made this call when she was contributing to a panel discussion at the 2021 Africa Advancement Forum Global Summit held in Accra on Friday, August 21, 2021.

“If you look at the trajectory of women’s leadership across Africa, you will realize the first thing we must do as women is to actually stand up and agree that we are part and parcel of the building of our nations, our countries, our communities and our families. Is it easy to do? Not in every instance but then someone has to do it,” she stated in contributing to a discussion on the topic “Powerful Women Leveraging Their Network to Develop Africa.

In furtherance to her call, the Vice President also called for better opportunities for women on the continent to assume leadership roles and be more directly involved in decision making and policy formulation.

“What are we asking for? All that we are asking is equality. To be a part of the discussions that affect our lives whether in peacetime or in war. Every decision that is made by the legislature and implemented by the executive, there is something that affects women whether it is education or whether it is access to water. When we went to villages, they still built wells at the end of the village. Women have to walk all the way from their home, sometimes 40 miles. But why, why are the men building the wells at the end of villages? They say that when women gather, they make noise and they gossip but do they know the harm they are putting their wives and their daughters into? People get raped, people get attacked and all sort of things. So it is important to get women in that space (leadership) because when decisions are being made, a woman looks at it from a totally different level,” she stressed.

The Global Summit hosted at the Accra International Conference Center was organized by the African Advancement Forum on the theme “The Africa We want.”

Ambassador Justina Mutale, one of the organizers in her opening address also emphasized the need for Africa to promote women’s leadership and women empowerment as one of the key opportunities in achieving a developed Africa while also stressing the need for accomplished African women to be placed in the right places of history.

“When you look at the heritage of many African countries even though most of it is not written, most of it is oral, we find that it is filled with strong powerful women. There were women that fought hard and have made significant contribution to the development of the continent through their influence on social and of course economic activities. Yet these women continue to be ignored in the history books of our children because we do not tell our own story,” She said.

Ambassador Mutale also mentioned some areas that deserves focus and attention in the pursuit of Africa’s advancement. Among such areas, she mentioned the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), the need for a single passport for all Africans, improving the Global Image of Africa, diplomatic relations, leveraging on technology as well as developing and educating the youth population in Africa.

The summit saw several personalities sharing their experience and knowledge on various topics covering Africa’s development.

Award winning Nigerian comedian Ayodeji Richard Makun, also known by his stage name A.Y, Dr Linus Okorie of the COTNI Leadership Institute, Dr Ambassador Utchey Odims and Sara Danquag Yeboah a nursing specialist who is the Head of the Local Organising Committee for the Summit, were among the personalities who contributed to the various panel discussions. The Africa Advancement Forum is a platform for the exchange of ideas among top African business personalities, start-ups, and entrepreneurs from various sectors and disciplines. The forum welcomes other contributors working on Africa including those undertaking research and comparative analysis of global issues for the development of Africa.

The Forum also welcomes partners across disciplines and boundaries to form a synergetic think-tank aimed at proffering insights into possible solutions for advancement and policy-making. In all, the activities of the African Advancement Forum creates a platform that proffer solutions to the myriads of Africa’s socio-economic challenges through organized debates, dialogue, conferences, roundtables discussions and interactive sessions with the Stakeholders in Government and the Private Sector.

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