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Entertainment of Saturday, 2 April 2022


Without foreplay, men are like footballers who get injured during warm up – Ebo Whyte

Uncle Ebo Whyte Uncle Ebo Whyte

Playwright, Author and Motivational Speaker, Uncle Ebo Whyte has advised that it is key to have foreplay during sex.

The playwright cum Motivational Speaker on the Breakfast Show with Kafui Dey has expressed his concerns on why many people skip foreplay which is unfortunate. He believes it is due to the lack of orientation to understand that foreplay ( beginning stage ) is key for both parties.

“Foreplay is key because it helps make the woman lubricated for the main action and strengthens the erection of the man and make him last longer”, he explained.

Influenced by history, the renowned Playwright made some confessions of moving in the direction of Shakespeare during his era of pandemic where the theatres were shutdown for 3 years and he had to do Sonnets in place of the production of plays.

“My version of Shakespeare’ Sonnets was a book I wrote on sex during the pandemic and I started doing webinars on relationship… I found out that a lot of people do not want to know about sex whether doing it right or not”, he posited.

Uncle Ebo Whyte has said that even though sex does not make a good marriage, there can also never be a good marriage without good sex.

“A good sex is focusing on satisfying emotional and sexual desires of your partner and not gratifying your desire. Good sex begins outside the bedroom, he emphasized.

Further, he listed out the main parts of sex, thus, the beginning, the middle and the end just like any good book. He feels there is lack of openness when it comes to sex. Everybody wants to give the impression that, what has a person got to teach others about sex, which is wrong.

“The mistake a lot of men do is to roll over and sleep when they get to the climax and ejaculate. It’s a critical time to hold the woman and let her know that you appreciate the time spent with her. This goes a long way to cement the relationship”, he advised.