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General News of Saturday, 25 September 2021


Why this man left Italy after 15 years to start a mechanic shop in Ghana

Frank (l) is now an established auto mechanic in Ghana play videoFrank (l) is now an established auto mechanic in Ghana

•Travelling outside Ghana for greener pastures is a common thing

• A man who has lived in Italy for years has shared his experience and explained why he had to return home

• Though he encourages that people broaden their options, he maintains that they must return to help develop the country

Many times, it is assumed that moving beyond the borders of Ghana to seek for greener pastures is the most viable course for success.

Whilst this may not necessarily be true, many people have worked with this assertion and maneuvered their way to travel abroad to help secure themselves financially.

The story is a little reverse in the case of Frank Dwumor, a middle-aged man who shared his story and experience with Kofi TV in an interview.

Frank who was a building contractor decided to travel to Italy to expand his knowledge base and return after 6 months but decided to extend his stay after realizing things had changed in the business he was doing before he left.

For 15 years, he stayed in Modena, Italy, learning and improving his skills in auto mechanics. After this period, he decided to come back to Ghana having exported the requisite machines, with the intent of selling them, making money and going back.

It was on his arrival that he made the decision to stay.

“I didn’t go with the intention of staying there. I intended to go and come back. I left for 6 months but after returning there were a few changes here so I decided to go back and go and learn the trade to return. I was a building contractor before I left but it wasn’t as prestigious so I left to learn more and then decided to come down establish myself and help those coming after. It was just a decision. “I was working on vehicles when I got there. When I was returning, my intention was that I was coming to sell these machines but we got locked by covid-19. After considering one or two things, I realized if I sold the machines, I would only get the money for myself but if I established a fitting shop, others could be employed and get some benefits,” Frank told Kofi TV.

His story was meant to encourage persons living in the country to work around what resources are available as much as possible to help develop the country.

Where there’s the need to get further knowledge from a different environment Mr. Dwumor advised, people could go expand their knowledge and skills but return to help progress the country in the smallest way they can.

“It’s not as easy as some people make it look. If there were the opportunity, I would wish for all to go there and experience it. There are people who are royals and prominent here but you should see the kind of work they do there. It’s why I always encourage those coming after us to take their time. “You work but at the end of the day, after paying rent, bills and everything else and then sending money back home to relatives, you would understand that it is not so easy,” he added.

About his work, he noted how the machines and skill set he acquired during his journey has helped improve the work he does now. His family Frank says, is encouraging and happy about his decision.

“These machines are 90% better than what is usually used at the mechanic shop. It also makes the work easy,” he noted.

“My family is surprised. I didn’t let anyone in on my decision till I set up. Everyone is happy because the machines are unique,” he added.

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