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Opinions of Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Why is Mahama moaning about Akufo Addo’s failure to face him off at debates?

President John Mahama President John Mahama

By Rockson Adofo

Was it not President Mahama the first candidate to refuse to face down Nana Akufo Addo at the debates the IEA had planned to organise for the presidential candidates? Was he not supported by the NDC government and party members when he decided not to attend the debates concluding stupidly that the IEA are very supportive of the NPP hence are biased against the NDC?

Why is he now desperately clamouring to debate Nana Akufo Addo? What has he heard and what has he seen? Nana Akufo Addo has no time for such a coward but an expert corrupt President never seen in the annals of Ghana’s politics since gaining political independence from the British.

What has he to debate Nana on or about? Is it on/about his infatuation with perpetration of corruption, lawlessness, practice of selective justice or claim of massively built infrastructures at tenfold the original cost but most of which are non-existent?

Discerning Ghanaians and the financially-economically-strapped Ghanaians have made up their minds already and are also aware of the good and bad in President Mahama so they no longer need to be reminded of his stealing capabilities at debates.

They know how he has been mismanaging the affairs of Ghana, sharing Ghana’s money among a small section of the population that are supportive of his criminalities. What else does he want to inform Ghanaians of through his intended debate, but which Nana Addo, has not honoured?

Nana Addo is telling the Ghanaian public about his policies and the things he will do for Ghana through forming a credible NPP government that believes in transparency, accountability and probity, should the people of Ghana vote massively for him and NPP on 7 December 2016.

President Mahama should please cease moaning about Nana Addo not debating him for it is not worth debating a shamelessly corrupt President.

Anyway, from where has President Mahama got that much money that he is using to bribe voters, polling station agents, purchasing expensive cars for chiefs etc.? Is he counterfeiting Ghana’s Cedis, thus, printing the money himself? It is all because every one wonders how and from where he has got that much money to embark on the vote-buying spree, pay so many people who have the intention to involve themselves in dubious acts that go to favour him and the NDC as regards the 7 December 2016 election?

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