Why government had to accept $9.1m 'Mahama cars' - Mustapha Hamid | General News 2018-02-07
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General News of Wednesday, 7 February 2018

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Why government had to accept $9.1m 'Mahama cars' - Mustapha Hamid

Government has disclosed that it saved $300,000 after renegotiating a $9.1million deal to purchase bulletproof vehicles for the Presidency.

Making the disclosure at a press conference on Tuesday, February 6 in Accra, the Information Minister Mustapha Hamid said the government was bounded by the agreement the John Mahama-led NDC administration signed with the providers of the vehicles, Amalgamated Securities Limited.

According to him, any attempts to abrogate the agreement will have resulted in liabilities for government hence the decision to renegotiate the deal to cut the number of vehicles for the presidency from 43 to 34. He added that government also bought 100 Toyota Corollas in place of the nine luxury cars as part of the renegotiated deal.

The John Mahama-led administration in January 2017 was condemned for ordering the vehicle a few days to handing over to the incoming New Patriotic Party (NPP) government headed by President Nana Akufo-Addo.

According to Mr Hamid, “We have done all this with a total amount of 8.8 million United States Dollars”.

The figures provided by Mr Hamid means government saved $300,000 from the initial figure of a $9.1million.

Meanwhile, Government has taken delivery of 34 luxury cars for the presidency. The fleet of presidential cars arrived over the weekend with 10 of them being bulletproof vehicles.

Below is a statement issued by the Information Minister:


"I hereby report to the Ghanaian people through you, that government has accepted the VIP fleet, having come to the conclusion that:

1. Government is bound by the terms of the contract signed with Amalgamated Securities Limited

2. Abrogating the contract may incur significant liabilities for government.

In doing so, government has however made sure to obtain maximum gain for the public purse and also for ensuring the security of the state.

The government of President Mahama ordered 43 VIP vehicles at a cost of 9.1 million United States Dollars.

We have renegotiated the terms of the contract in the following manner;

1. We have reduced the number of vehicles ordered from 43 to 34, which is nine short of the original number.

2. In place of the nine, we have acquired 100 Toyota Corolla cars for use by the Police Service in line with our commitment to retool the Police Service to enable them play effectively, their role of protecting the Ghanaian people.

3. We have done all this with a total amount of 8.8 million United States Dollars."

Hon. Mustapha Hamid
Minister for Information