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General News of Wednesday, 18 August 2021


Why are you doing this to me, my friend? - Harrowing account of how Kasoa boys murdered their friend

The two suspected murderers and security officials The two suspected murderers and security officials

• The two boys have pleaded guilty to murdering their friend for rituals

• One of them has detailed the events that led to the killing of their friend

• He revealed that the deceased was buried whiles alive

The ongoing trial of the two Kasoa teenagers who allegedly murdered their young friend for money rituals has led to chilling revelations of how two persons yet to attain 18 killed their own friend.

A report by myjoyonline on the court sitting on Tuesday, August 17, states that the suspects Felix Nyarko and Nicholas Kwame Kani confessed to taking the life of Ishmael Abdullah.

Felix Nyarko detailed in court the account of how he and his friend fuelled by the lure for ‘blood money’ designed a plan to kidnap Abdullah, demanded a 5000 cedis ransom and then killing him after the ransom had been paid.

Felix per the report confirmed that their plans to kidnap Abdullah was thwarted by his mother who called her son.

Nyarko is quoted to have said that “I was not able to kidnap him like we planned.”

Details of how killing was done

The unsuspecting Ishmael Abdullah was lured to place that later turned out to be his death place by Felix Nyarko who told him that he had a new video game.

Nicholas Kwame was meanwhile waiting at the crime scene for them to come so that they set their evil plans in motion.

“When we got there, Nicholas told Ishmael (victim) that the game was in the sack over there so Ishmael bent down to pick the game from the sack. Nicholas then used a club to hit the back of his head and he fell to the floor, unable to speak. We dragged him closer to us and Nicholas hit him again with the club,” he said.

Nicholas Anane then picked a block and was about to hit Ishmael but before he could land it, Ishmael looked at his face and uttered what turned out to be his last words: “he asked me ‘you that you are my good friend, why are you doing this to me? What have I done to you’?”

But this pitiful cry of the innocent Ishmael did little to convince Felix and Nicholas who as per Nyarko’s account were still high on the marijuana they took the previous night.

Nyarko furthers that they then fetched shovels and dug a hole where they intended to bury their friend who still had some life him. Determined to see through their act, the fetched more sand and poured it on Ishmael Abdullah.

Whiles in the act, Nyarko narrates that his mother called him and sent him on errand only to return to discover they have been caught in the act.

Meanwhile, Nana Adoma Osei, the state Attorney has presented a shovel, one spade, a club and pieces of cement blocks, pictures of sand mixed with blood and caution statements to the court as exhibits.

The court subsequently passed a verdict that “based on the statements you made this afternoon, I deem it necessary to commit you to stand trial.”

The case was then adjourned to Monday, September 2021