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Opinions of Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Columnist: Kofi Thompson

Why Mahama must pay heed to Hon. Alban Bagbin

By Kofi Thompson

A political party that has the misfortune of being in power at a time of economic difficulty, must always be keen to show ordinary people that it is a party that empathises with the hardship they experience, in their own individual circumstances.

The leading lights in such a political party must also pull together and work closely, to ensure that effective measures are put in place, to resolve the economic difficulties confronting the nation and the populace.

The positive reaction by many ordinary people in Ghana, to the statement made by the Hon. Alban Bagbin, that there is a lack of political will to tackle corruption in Ghana, is testimony of the frustration many Ghanaians feel, about the impunity that those involved in high-level corruption seem to enjoy, despite the severity of their crimes against Ghana and its people.

Given the anger and frustration that many feel in Ghana today, one would have thought that those in the presidency who are now insulting the Hon. Bagbin for saying the obvious, would have been astute enough to realise the long-term benefit, to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which the Hon. Bagbin's statement will eventually engender.

In case it escapes those geniuses at the presidency, who now have the gall to insult the Hon. Alban Bagbin, it is definitely beneficial for the NDC that as a result of his frankness, many ordinary Ghanaians have come to realise that it is the kind of political party, in which even senior figures are prepared to be honest enough to tell Ghanaians publicly, that in light of the hardship many are experiencing in the country, they too share the opinion of many in Ghana that something ought to be done by Ghana's political class, to effectively deal with all those involved in corruption.

It is called empathising with ordinary people. And it has great political value - in case that escapes the geniuses surrounding the president.

Instead of insulting those who love their country enough to disregard the personal risks involved in speaking out boldly to call for an end to the transfer of public funds into private pockets through high-level corruption, the geniuses in the presidency who are now busy condemning the Hon. Alban Bagbin, ought to use their energies to help President Mahama's administration deal effectively with the corrupt elements who are stealing taxpayers' money to enrich themselves at Ghana's expense.

That is what the vast majority of Ghanaians want to see happening - as they are aware that ending high-level corruption in Ghana, will make funds available for developing their country to the benefit of all Ghanaians.

Corruption in high places is giving the NDC regime a negative image amongst ordinary people. That is a fact.

For the information of all those who work at the presidency, the fact of the matter, is that effectively tackling high-level corruption in Ghana is a must - if President Mahama and his NDC regime want to return to power again, in 2016.

They had better pay heed to those patriotic individuals who have the courage to point that out to them - unless of course they do not care one jot, whether or not the NDC wins power again in December 2016. A word to the wise...