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Opinions of Friday, 17 June 2016


Where is the state’s support for victims of crime?

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Human rights lawyer, Francis Xavier Sosu questions the state’s protection for a 12-year-old girl who was allegedly defiled and impregnated by a police officer.

Where is the state’s guaranteed support for victims of crime? Are we being discriminatory on grounds of poverty and social status?

We are destroying our own country with in actions – DOVSU's investigation can't be released, AG's advice is unavailable, PIPS report can't be released – and the 12-year-old victim, who is now 13, and her 9-month-old baby left at the mercy of these state institutions which are paid to protect and secure the welfare of these children.

It was emotional meeting the 9-month-old baby with his 13-year-old mother and grandfather in my office to determine our next line of action in our quest for justice for them.

We are set to go to court this week for Paternity Test and maintenance in the matter of alleged defilement of the 12-year-old pupil by Lance Corporal Emmanuel Kwamena Bartels.

The Police Administration and the Ministry of Justice must bow their head in shame for not being able to criminally bring this matter to a conclusive end.

I can't imagine that a victim who is now 13-years-old and about to start JHS 1 in September this year would be denied justice by the same institutions paid with the taxpayers’ money to enforce laws and ensure justice for all.

Hopefully, the Juvenile and Family Court, Accra, would ensure that the paternity of the 9-month-old baby, without a name, would be determined and the shameful assailant called upon to name and maintain the baby and the teenage mother.

God watches over us all. God is the righteous judge.

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