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Opinions of Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Columnist: Asare, Alex J.

Where Are You Taking Our Dear Country?

Wow, Woyome! Here is a one-man wrecking crew, an equal opportunity corrupter. He corrupted all factions of Ghanaian society. He did not discriminate, or have any moral scruples, you are NPP, come on how much do you need, NDC well I'll find a way to get you all you need. Friends, acquiantances, and institutions, well you'll have your share but on condition you do my bidding. I always knew Ghana was in trouble, but I am actually overwhelmed and dumbfounded by the extent and the depth to which we have fallen.

Woyome paid all that money to the NPP when they were in power and I guess he was running low so when the NDC came to power he attached himself to them gained their confidence and they enabled him to fleece the country. Woyome and his ilk are parasites, leeches really who don't produce anything of value but suck the blood out of the body of the nation. There are so many people like him in our society who are stultifying the progress of the country with their machinations. They are cynics really, to them nothing is more important than getting their hands on some money, how you get it is not important. Beg, borrow, or steal, it does not matter, the object is to lay your hands on a substancial amount of it and with it you can buy and sell people and institutions just like mere commodities, whatever serves your fancy. They are corrupting every aspect of our society and as a consequence doing serious damage to its integrity. Those who are supporting Woyome, sending delegations to his house and hailing him, I have just one question for them. Is this the kind of society they want to live in, the one that has been wrought by Woyome and his ilk? I definitely do not want to live in such a society and I know we can do better.

President Mills can do the country a huge favour and also leave a positive legacy inspite of the negative occurances in his administration if he will set up a public investigating committee, non-partisan consisting of eminent Ghanaians to investigate this Woyome issue in all its ramifications, and all the other corruption issues that have arisen recently. By so doing he will start airing out and cleaning the cesspool and pigstye Ghanaian society has become and just maybe we will have a new beginning and build the society we will be proud to live in and leave to our progeny.

Now Kwesi Nduom, he is something else, he is so disingenuous, he sends his boys to go and demonstrate for not getting his name on this highway and then he gets on his self-righteous high horse claiming he couldn't care less about such accolades. He did it all for mother Ghana and he will take his reward privately. Yea okay, and pigs do fly, everything this man does is calculated with an end resulting in his benefit. He is one of the people who splashes money around to get their way. In the last CPP presidential nominating process he literally bought the nomination. He seems to have an inexhautible source of funding and goes around buying people. His latest brainstorm, he will give Ghc 1000 to any of his followers who will bring 1000 people to his brand new acquisition, PPP.

As they say empty barrels make the most noise, and if you are devoid of wisdom and you are not aware of it, you go around spewing pap. Kennedy Agyapong, a person with nothing in his head, goes around talking all kinds bunk. Sometimes I wonder if there are grownups in the NPP, or wise heads when they stood around and let this man spew his vituperations and insults and bring down and mar an otherwise successful outing. I know you want to come to power badly but please do it with some decency and class. You stood around and let this man call the titular head of our country all kinds of names and you wouldn't stop him. In front of all those people. Sad, really sad.