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Opinions of Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Columnist: Kwame Owusu Danso

What is wrong with Ghana?

I am not too old neither am I too young and certainly I can’t admit to knowing all the problems confronting our dear Nation Ghana, but suffice as it will I have had the speck removed from my eyes and have seen the trajectory of our Governance process as a Nation with my eyes and have come to the conclusion of the very facts I dare state beneath.

The trouble in Ghana is simply and squarely a leadership crisis finding its expression in the “volcanic” way of our practice of politics in Ghana.

Let me hasten to indicate that there is nothing wrong with the Ghanaian, our land, our climate, our water, and our ability to think and do things for ourselves.

The Ghanaian crisis stems from the roots of the unwillingness and the wanton disrespect for patriotism on the part of its leaders to rise to the responsibility of performance beneficial to the good people of Ghana.

We have seen quite fairly or if you will strongly in the epoch of our political life the demonstration of some leaders true death-defying love for Ghana and their willingness to against all oppression and aggression do things for the betterment of Ghana.

What we are witnessing in this 4th republic is the display of Greed, individualism, selfishness, vindictiveness and by extension lack of supreme love for Ghana and its citizens.

We have NOT seen in any of our leaders the true commitment without fail to addressing the rudimentary matters at the heart of our development. What we have seen over the period is a sorry sight and clearly tells me that the future which we hope to be brighter smacks of bleakness.

The Ghanaian people have consistently respected the democracy we have opted for demonstrated through the exercise of their franchise every 4 years, but the question is, has that yielded any positive results over the period?, Have the Ghanaian people truly benefitted from this democratic way of Governance?.

What unfortunately has characterized our politics and if not dealt with will destroy the very pillars of our democracy is CORRUPTION and the impunity with which it is carried out across the political divide. It has become the Centre around which Governance revolves and has broken and destroyed completely the fabric of our Nation.

The higher rate of Unemployment and its attending consequences have been pushed to the back burner and has been treated lightly in this country forgetting that those unemployed young men and women are an “ARMY” in waiting.

Today the average Ghanaian is greatly suffering; suffering not because they are lazy, suffering not because they’ve not tried to do things for themselves, suffering not because they haven’t tried to look for opportunities; but are suffering because of the wickedness of our Leaders. They don’t care about us- all they care about are the very people closer to light the candle for them.

How long will we continue to be treated like aliens in our own country?
how long will we be treated as fugitives in our own country?
It’s about time we united as a youthful front and did things differently.

We must choose leaders who will work in the general interest of every Ghanaian and not one political party or the other, a leader who will find a way of unifying us all no matter your political party, religion, gender, age, tribe or orientation.

Ghana can be better but we need a better driver to steer the wheels of growth and take us to the destination of Success.

Hopefully we find that person soon...
Happy Workers Day.

God bless Ghana ????????

Kwame Owusu Danso

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