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Regional News of Monday, 30 August 2021

Source: Abraham Ananpansah, Contributor

We're declaring war on logging, commercial charcoal burning - Chiefs

The chiefs say the twin activities of logging and commercial charcoal burning remain banned The chiefs say the twin activities of logging and commercial charcoal burning remain banned

The battle to bring to an end the twin destructive activities of logging and commercial charcoal burning in the Savannah Region has just been drawn.

At a 'Regional Consultative Forum with the youth' on the Environment and Sustainable Development, the chiefs and youth adopted a resolution to clamp down on the activities of loggers and commercial charcoal burners in the various districts of the Savannah Region in an attempt to restore the fragile vegetative cover.

The regional stakeholders' dialogue was called at the instance of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs and chaired by Buipewura Jinapor II, who is the chairman of the Yagbonwura's committee of Five Eminent Chiefs.

The Buipewura intimated that banning logging and commercial charcoal burning was done and that from 29th August 2021, the youth have been given the mandate to seize the content of any charcoal car or logs leaving the shores of the Savannah Region for auction to the public.

"We are(today) declaring war on commercial charcoal burning and logging and you(the youth) are hereby recruited as soldiers. We will be in our rooms as commanders giving you instructions and the needed support. No vehicle should be allowed to carry logs or charcoal more than five bags out of the Savannah Region," he directed.

He declared that the Bolewura led committee on the environment was dissolved with immediate effect, stating that the Five Member Committee of Eminent Chiefs chaired by him has now been tasked by the Yagbonwura to take over and spearhead the implementation of the ban on commercial charcoal burning and logging.

The other members of the committee are Bolewura Kutwe Feso 1, Paramount Chief of the Bole Traditional Area; Kpembiwura Ndefeso Banbange IV, Paramount Chief of the Kpembi Traditional Area; Kongwura Jinkurige I, Paramount Chief of the Kong Traditional Area and Mankpanwura Jakpa Acho-Ade II, Paramount Chief of the Mankpan Traditional Area.

Jeremiah Seidu was introduced as the newly appointed environmental consultant to the committee.

The Buipewura also announced that all receipts that were hitherto issued on charcoal and logs in the name of any association or individual or institution henceforth have been banned and withdrawn with immediate effect, adding that, sanctions would be meted out to any individual who issues any of such receipts.

The youth groups in various areas were handed the power by the committee and tasked to lead the enforcement of the ban, with the Buipewura charging them to confiscate any charcoal that attempts to leave the soils of the region effective 29th August 2021, without committing any excesses.

The now-defunct Bolewura led committee on the environment in a speech delivered on its behalf by the secretary, Abutu Kapori before its dissolution reiterated the need to continue to place a permanent ban on illegal logging, commercial charcoal burning, commercial fuelwood harvesting in the region and to continue to stage press conferences to inform the public on the progress of work. He said the twin activities of logging and commercial charcoal burning remain banned in the region.

The leadership of the Gonjaland Youth Association, the Damongo Youth Parliament, and the various ethnic groups unanimously pledged their support for the decision arrived at and pledged their full commitment to working as directed to sustain the ban and restore the depleted environment.

The youth groups were also tasked to come out with modalities aimed at regaining the lost forest cover and how to convey the abandoned charcoal and logs still in the bush as well as what do to with the pieces of wood at the Yipala Wood Factory.