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General News of Thursday, 4 November 2021


We need to make more love, not have sex! – Expert

Dr. Richard Eghan, a Medical Practitioner

Do you know what goes on in the body when a man wants to have sex? Do you know the difference between making love and having sex? Are you a man or a boy with regard to sex?

Dr. Richard Eghan, a Medical Practitioner, a Biomedical Researcher and Global Health Scientist, answered all these questions and educated viewers on the details of successful sexual functioning on the GTV’s Breakfast Show.

He spoke on Erectile dysfunction, a subset of sexual dysfunction and a condition akin to impotency. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection for a period of time in order to experience meaningful and satisfactory sexual functioning.

There are biological and psychological factors related to maintaining an erection. Therefore, before a man takes the step to treat himself using medicine that’s being pushed into the market, they should first consider the psychological factors. He explained that sex is a complex thing and so should not be rushed.

According to Dr. Eghan, there is a process that a man must allow himself to experience before initiating the act itself.

"Thinking and allowing yourself to feel excitement when you’re attracted to a woman helps gain an erection,” he noted.

On the scientific side, he explained that the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis (HPA – axis) is responsible for creating excitement in the man. Sex actually starts from the brain, that is the nervous system, then goes down to the cardiovascular part of the body, that is the heart, then the hormonal system, then finally the reproductive system. Blood vessels are also an important factor in keeping a penis hard-on. He went on to explain that there is a difference between having sex and making love.

“Make more love and have less sex. Boys have sex, men make love.”

Men must also acquire the skills to have sex and learn the acts that stimulate the woman to know when she is ready for penetration. He advised men to incorporate touching and licking of the breast in order to achieve female stimulation.

He also warned against masturbation and how it desensitizes individuals against intravaginal sex.

Dr. Eghan spoke about the use of aphrodisiacs such as Viagra, Tramadol and marijuana. He said that viagra is prescribed by doctors to patients who have diabetes, blood flow and blood pressure issues. Tramadol especially is meant to stop the body from responding to stimuli during pain, so there is no point in using that for sexual gratification.

For treatment, he cautioned men to seek medical help rather than self-prescribing drugs on the market. He also advised men to stay healthy mentally and physically by avoiding fatty food, alcohol and red meat.

To round off, he advised women to be thankful whenever their man goes 7 minutes to 10 minutes of sexual intercourse because that is the average any typical man should go and a man that goes higher than 13 minutes is abnormal.