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Watch how this British man ‘slayed’ Twi with Ghanaians in London

Kofi Asante as he calls himself spoke Twi to the amazement of others play videoKofi Asante as he calls himself spoke Twi to the amazement of others

The Ghanaian language is undoubtedly unique. Every ethnic group values their language not only because it portrays their culture but because it gives an identity.

In Ghana, there are many languages but some of them have been classified as more widely spoken. These include Akan, Ewe, Ga, Dagomba, among many others.

It is common to find persons belonging to one tribe, speaking the language of another based on their location and integration with a particular community.

But it is even more beautiful to see persons of other races trying to learn the local languages. In this video, captured by Base Africa TV, a British man, who calls himself Kofi Asante was captured in an engaging conversation with some Ghanaians in London.

In what seemed like a tram, this gentleman who spoke almost flawless Twi narrated how he learnt the language during his stay at Kwadaso in the Asanti Region till he left in 1988.

Watch the interesting video below:

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