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Entertainment of Thursday, 23 January 2020


Watch a funny video of Shatta Wale jabbing and advising social media trolls

Aside from music, Shatta Wale seems to have a secret talent – which may be comedy or acting.

The “Ayoo” hitmaker is back with his Facebook live streaming, and his latest will get you rolling on the floor.

He went live on Facebook on Tuesday, January 21, where he responded to trolls and offered them a hilarious piece of advice.

For the first time, he appeared looking like he was getting ready to take his bath (he appeared applying soap on his face while gabbed in bath robe).

“My fans will tell you that Shatta Wale doesn’t care about anybody,” he said. “And it is true. Because my focus is to make it in life.”

He continued: “Have you told yourself the same? No. Because you have devoted your life to criticise and correct people. Have you corrected yourself? Don’t let phone and bundle deceive you.”

He said he owns many mobile devices but sticks to only one because he impresses no one.

“I have many phones but I use only one. Because I don’t have anyone to impress.”

Shatta further told critics that he doesn’t block people often but when people ‘fool too much’, he pushes the ‘block’ bottom.

“I don’t have time to block. But sometimes, when the fooling is too much, I block.”

“Apart from God, the next thing you should look for is money,” he concluded.

Watch the hilarious video below.