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Opinions of Tuesday, 7 December 2004

Columnist: Odoi, John

Waawaa FC Vrs. Boom Boom FC

A good day fellow supporter; As you know today too is another crucial encounter between the two most famous top teams in Ghana - Waawaa FC and Boom Boom FC.

As you already know I am your commentator, Holalaa Undabaa; Kwabena Yeboah.

I promise you today?s match is going to be one of the best in the twenty-first century. Pay attention and watch behind your twentieth century hit me come TV sets and if you are using Akasanoma radio then pay attention to with a cock hear.

Line up this wonderful afternoon, is all the wonderful, meticulous, maestro and skilful players from both teams. As you know from the Boom Boom side we have Atta Mills (asumtwee) the skipper for the side. His assistant Alhaji Mumuni and all the wonderful BoomBoom players.

On the hand we have JA Kuffuor known as the gentle giant (skipper ) for the WaaWaa side. His assistant Alhaji Aliu Mahama.

You can also see all the Waawaa players over heating for this coming match Sitting at the bench is the various chairmen and secretaries and contingent strategist and medical team from each side. Lets I forget you can see BoomBoom man himself in akatamanso jersey thinking about the outcome of the match. He was the maestro who led the BoomBoom team to mysteriously win the first two matches during the fourth republic.

History has shown that above all the guta to guta and kokofu football played on the splendid Ghana national Park, .JJ with his combatant 64 has been the league denominate for twenty years. The Waawaa team just took a slash, by winning in the fourth republic, to make it 2 for Boom Boom and 1 For waawaa . They are determined to win again. They have won on an occasions in the second republic only to be lashed out by the guta to guta players. Every supporters is anxiously waiting for the match to begin.

As you know, people are answering questions with questions. There is tension but it cannot be compared with the previous one when Waawaa went to extension time to beat Boomboom.

On the field are the referee EC Afari Dzan and his linesmen who are at this time very careful so that any blame would not be placed on them. To break the tension in the crowd Kuffour took the ball remembering what Mara Dona did in the world cup . pick the ball on the foot, slide it immediately on the thighs then to the shoulder, sharply then on the head. The ball bounce on the head for a long time and all his spectators started to applause his skills. Every eeshie radu radu body was impressed.

Not wasting anytime Asumtwe Prof also start-playing totals like Ronaldo he places the ball sharply on his head and it was stick to the head as magnet. He twisted his head slightly the ball was about to fall but he immediately give a bicycle kick directly to direction of his supporters who all shouted ehedzo bodoo.

My friend if you are not at the stadium at this moment you are missing something great since this match is played every four years. I tell you this one will let every corner of the world know how Ghanaians are peaceful if it comes to scoring goals.

Dear listener be attentive and partake as we wait to see the result on this Cantankerous encounter.

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