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Religion of Thursday, 26 August 2021

Source: Daniel Kaku, Contributor

Use social media positively - Axim Area Pentecost Youth Leader advises youth

Newly appointed Axim Area Youth Ministry Leader, Overseer George Amankwah, Church of Pentecost Newly appointed Axim Area Youth Ministry Leader, Overseer George Amankwah, Church of Pentecost

The newly appointed Axim Area Youth Ministry Leader of The Church of Pentecost, Overseer George Amankwah, has urged the youth to use social media positively.

He said the global technological advancement has brought in its wake very quick and effective ways of communicating diverse issues and the youth must use it to spread the word of God.

Ovr. George Amankwah who is also the District Pastor for Salman District of The Church of Pentecost in the Axim Area said this during a leadership training programme at Nzema Aiyinasi-Nyamenle Kwagyina Central Assembly of the church.

This leadership training programme which was dubbed; "School of Youth Ministry," brought all Youth workers in the Area (District Youth Leaders, Assistants, Secretaries, and Local Leaders) together.

The participants were taken through the Youth Ministry's vision. The Ministry's Vision 2023 has three main mandates and they are the Discipleship Mandate, Unleashing Mandate, and Holistic Development Mandate.

The training sought to equip the youth workers in grounding the youth firmly in Christ across all levels through personal devotions, small group mentorship, and spiritual development programs, and also unleash them for the kingdom business in evangelistic activities and church growth.

The youth workers were also encouraged to organize programs that will meet the personal, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and psychological needs of their youth members.

Ovr. George Amankwah bemoaned that of late, most of the youth of this country are using social media wrongly and therefore charged them to use social media wisely.

He said the Christian youth should use the internet to spread the word of God and stay away from bad acts they engage themselves in on the internet.

"... We have realized that of late, most of the youth are using social media wrongly, we want to encourage and advise that with the inversions that are coming on board, with the kind of technologies that are coming, we the Christian youth are supposed to take advantage of that and in taking advantage, we need to sell Christ in that, don't use your social media, don't use your phone, don't use your Facebook account and Whatsapp account to do those things that are contrary to the word of God", he said.

He, therefore, urged the youth to propagate the Gospel by the use of social media.

"Let’s propagate the gospel by the use of our social media. Let your Facebook be a platform where you can speak about Christ, let your social media platforms demonstrate that you are a Christian, don't allow those things to become unto your social media where you allow anything at all to be posted on your wall, let us be careful about our social media", he advised.

He also advised them to use social media to engage in positive business ventures that would fetch them money.

"We want the youth to know that if you look at the number of people on the internet today, a quite number of people that are coming on board, you can use the social media for marketing, for business activities and we should take advantage", he advocated.

Ovr. George Amankwah cautioned the youth to stop using social media for sexual activities and other immoral behaviours.

He concluded that: "Today if you visit social media and you go to Facebook, the kind of things you will see, that is not what we want to see as Christians. We want to dominate the social media, let us go there, let us use it and win souls for Christ, Christ is also on Facebook, Christ is on Whatsapp."