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Regional News of Monday, 28 June 2021


UG: Vendors lament unsanitary conditions at Night Market

The University of Ghana Night Market The University of Ghana Night Market

Patrons and vendors at Night Market, University of Ghana, are calling on authorities to intervene in the unsanitary conditions that they face at the commercial centre.

The Market is one of the busiest commercials venues on the campus of the University and it serves people even outside the University community.

Even though it attracts many people, the market is without a place of convenience and a proper drainage system.

The market becomes waterlogged when it rains.

With the rainy season in, vendors at the market have expressed worry.

They want authorities to act quickly on the matter to prevent any untoward situation.

One of the vendors at the market who spoke to UniversNews said that they had offered to find their own means of resolving the issues but have been turned down by authorities.

“If we get some authorities to help us to improve the facility, we will be very grateful. Because when it rains we really find it difficult here. We plead with them. We don’t have a place of convenience. Students are in and yet the pipes are locked, where do we go to fetch water to cook for them? We have been told they would come and construct a gutter here, we have asked that if they cannot, they hand over to us to do it ourselves but we have been turned down,” the vendor told UniversNews.

These vendors are not the only ones concerned about the matter.

Students of the university, who form a large percentage of patrons of the market, are unhappy about the development.

They are suggesting that the market is well-paved to give it a befitting look.

“Gutters are small and students also litter around. Also when it rains the place becomes waterlogged. Also where the food is prepared stinks as well anytime it rains. I think the place should be cemented to prevent the place from getting waterlogged whenever it rains. The vendors have no proper place of convenience and have to find other means of attending to nature’s call. Some of us students catch them in the act which is not nice,” a final year student shared with UniversNews.

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