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Crime & Punishment of Monday, 23 August 2021


Two QNET agents arrested for holding 26-year-old man hostage

The suspects are Pafio Agordo,20, and Wisdom Korda, 21 The suspects are Pafio Agordo,20, and Wisdom Korda, 21

• Two young men are in police grips for holding another hostage

• The two are said to be agents of QNET, a network marketing company with a business module akin to a Ponzi scheme

• The victim said they had promised him a job that will pay GH¢800 a week

The Adweso District Police Command has effected the arrest of two persons who are agents of QNET in the Eastern region.

Their crime is that they had allegedly held a 26-year-old man against his will, using him to defraud his mother and his pastor, has reported.

Narrating how things happened, the victim explained that Wisdom, one of the suspects, and who was his school mate, lured him to come to Koforidua under the guise of getting him employed with an import company.

A laborer at the time, the victim said that he jumped for the opportunity because his friend told him, he was to earn GH¢800 a week, but all that turned out a lie after he arrived in the city only to be held hostage by the QNET agents.

He continued that they held him in a rented apartment at a suburb of Koforidua called Two-Streams Community.

“I was a labourer at a block factory. One day my friend, Wisdom, called me that he was doing business at the airport, transporting and offloading imported goods to a warehouse, and the company pays him GH¢800 every week. He later convinced me that the company needs three persons to employ and they’ve gotten two with a spot left for one so I should quickly come. I arrived in Koforidua on Sunday and they took me to their place. They took all monies I had on me and my mobile phone. They policed me even when I want to urinate. I ate gari all day because I didn’t have money,” he narrated.

He also explained the way the two suspects, Pafio Agordo,20, and Wisdom Korda, 21, played him, using him to tell lies to his family and even his pastor, just so they could get money from them.

“They forced me to deceive my grandmother for money but my grandmother decided to come and see me in person. She came but they gave me two persons to police me. They demanded ID cards from my grandmother which made her upset and she left. They also forced me to deceive my mother to go for a loan of GH¢900 and sent to me but they took all the money. Similarly, they forced me to deceive my Pastor who also sent GH¢350, they again took all the money. They have something they call ‘morning call’ which they force victims held hostage to call their relatives to get monies from them under false pretenses which they take all,” he added.

Eventually, out of suspicions, the victim’s family made a report to the Ghana Police Service, leading to the arrest of the suspects, a report by added.

An uncle of the victim, Prosper Tsormana, wants the government to work at ensuring that the activities of groups such as QNET are curtailed, to stop other unsuspecting youth from falling victim to their nefarious schemes.

He also wants, with immediate effect, the closing down of the company.

“They defrauded the guy. They pressed him under duress asked him to call family and friends. They took his phone, went through the contact list asked him who is this, who is that then they sat on his neck to call them to demand money from them.

“Unfortunately for the boy he doesn’t know anybody here until we came in. This kind of business is illegally being operated, it is fraud, it is a scam we are calling on government to as quickly as possible and urgently dissolve this QNET business. When you go to where they operate in fact it is an eyesore. Then children don’t have food to eat, they don’t allow them to visit their relatives. They police them like prisoners,” he explained.

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