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Opinions of Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Columnist: Donkor Fuseini

Touch not our common fund Naa Torshie or face us in court

Naa Torshie,

The fly that follows a corpse into the grave, is always Buried with it.
You shall not touch our common fund Naa !!

The 2018 district assemblies common fund formula made no allocation for any of the programs you directed the assemblies to support hence under no circumstances must you deduct any monies from source for such from the DACF.

To refresh your mind, nowhere in the formula was there mention of allocating 40% of the fund to school feeding, 20% to NABCO and 20% to planting for food and jobs. There is conspicuous criminality in your proposal. Lets assume a district like Sekyere Afram Plains gets GHc400, 000.00 as its share of the common fund. By your unconstitutional formula, a whopping GHc160, 000. 00 will go to cater for the only six caterers in that district whose entire payment for the whole term will not even be above GHc60, 000. 00. In this circumstance who will chop the remaining GHc100, 000.00 of the money due to the people of Sekyere Afram Plains?

Again if we allow your fraudulent unconstitutional formula without legal basis NABCO, an amount of GHc80, 000. 00 of the peoples money; if only 50 graduates from Sekyere Afram Plains are engaged, it will mean only GHc35, 000. 00 will be spent. What happens to the balance and where does it go?

Lastly, will this formula apply to the MPs common fund as well or they are left out? I believe you and Hajia Alima are very creative when it comes to your dressing and public appearances, you should employ that creativity in your work especially looking for funding for these programs and leave the DACF for its constitutionally intended purpose. The Canadian loan secured for the failing planting for food and job program is there; tell Akuffo Addo to release the money.

If you are lacking ideas why wont president Nana Akuffo Addo consult President Kufour who approved the talk time tax to fund youth employment? Why cant you sourced for donor support in the form of grant to start this NABCO like President kufour did for the school feeding program and the free maternal care.?

Why wont u advice prez Akuffo Addo to consult former President Mahama to learn how the road fund levy came into being, from which you inherited GHc600million? Or the ESLA which has given you now almost over GHc2 billion.

Why do you have to adopt this lazy mans approach of robbing Peter to pay Paul? Beware; IF you strike the BEE hive you must be ready to confront the Bees.

Naa, you and your sister Alima should dare not touch our common fund or the Supreme court justices will have a nice meeting between the three of us. Be creative not wasteful, protective not destructive of our meagre financial resources. Our districts are already under life support dont kill us with this wicked create, loot and chop formula.

If The Tortoise wants more of its blood water is what is added to it. A word to the wise Hon Naa and Hajia Alima.

Bye for now!

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