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Opinions of Thursday, 12 August 2004

Columnist: Setoe, Prophet Biscalet Paa

To the Government and Ministers


It came to light that Liberia government is going to deport 20,000 ghanaians on it soil.Cool, what the government of ghana is doing about their 40,000 that are on our soil?

This Liberians are ungreatful and i remember 1996 like Jerry don't wanna accept them on our soil,but guys don't understand it,today they are deporting our brothers and sisters on their soil. I wanna tell our Leaders that this Liberians on our soil are the cheif armed robbers in the city and towns. Now Tylor is no more in power and no war so TIT FOR TAT IS NOT A SIN.

Mr. President Kufuor ya must take action to deport this crocks from our soil as quick as possibble. If we help them and now the president over there think his country is cool and no problems so ghanaians must to go to their soil we accept it.JAK, is not funny for 20,000 ghanaians to come back home while they are not prepared. Is very serious, ya see what Libya did this resent week. The 1000 Liberians that the government wanna educate them is a waste of Ghananians tax payers money. that money JAK you are going to spend on this criminals can be use to upgrade our police service men and women salary or to create a job for the country and build the economy.

Is cool for you that liberia government is deporting ghanaians and ya wanna do something to pleased him? Our country ghana must be a zero tolerence and no booshit. I don't think any government will be happy if a country is deporting his childrens from their land while such country has seek refuge in his country too. To all people of ghana that will read this message or feedback to our nation,if MR. President J.A. Kufuor don't deport this Laberians and still wasted that money to educate those criminal while service men and women will be working overnight duty just to protect our nation, guys vote and kick him and his NPP asieho to the curb, don't give him even one count of vote ok guys.

The country is starving and ya don't think of how to create job and stop armed robbers and prostitution but wasting money on ungreatful Laberians that their government is deporting Ghanaians.To be a leader is not just ridding in funcy cars ya must take care of the economy and how investors will bring job to the country and not 80 ministers with $65000 dollars cruisers.Ridding in that that $65000 dollers ride, how much those ministers end a year? Isaiah 43:19 Ghanaians the lord will do a new thing by changing the government for ya guys this december. peace and God bless our mother land.


The police,military,firemen,doctors,nurses and all those in the security service that protect the country and the middle class is the # one concern of the United State Of America government. But why in our 3rd world country like ghana mistreat our service men and women? to my understanding service men are the protecters of our nation and need to be treat fairness. check this out, how can an officer that fight or protect the nation be ending 800,000 cedis -$90 dollars a month?

with a father with 3 kids how could he survive with such income. NPP government ya must do something about this because it seems like insult for men and women to wear this black or ash uniform but yet still don't have any salary. i think is better for this guys to put the uniform down and be pushing truck where, by the end of the day 150,000 cedis will be in ya pocket without any over night duty.

Brothers and sisters I wanna tell ya guys that don't let the NPP government slap ya guys on the face to the second time. as december is coming they will make all kind of promises to get ya vote but after that they will just dump you again till another 4 years. if ya guys wanna eat gari 3 time a day 7 days a week BECAUSE OF THIS SALARY ONLY gari meal it can afford. vote the NPP asieho out and ya will have a better living. IF the government can not successfully take care of an airline with fleet less then 5 planes how can he successfully run a country with 20 million people? this are some of the thiings ya guys have to look before ya cast ya vote but not just following the crowds.

80 ministers are ridding in $65000 cruisers multiple 80 by 65000 and see how many the government has waisted. 30 ministers cut down with this loan can create a job in the nation but JAK don't think about that only their needs. GUYS change must come this election coming on december. they don't have any respect for the service men so what about any one just be selling on the road side do ya think they care about you? if you think so then ya must make a decision to vote both NPP and NDC out this year like AMERICANS are going to vote Bush out.

THE four year glory for them must be over this december. NPP Asieho is this not a shame to ya guys to treat our service men with no respect. TO both middle class and who this news may concern should think of new progress if ya vote this 2 party out of ya way. we need somebody to budget the economy but not people that will come and starve the country like WAYOCO ( Chicago in the house) has said NPP promise him not to run but just seat down and eat because it hs been cook already. what a leadership is this? Guys ya must be serius to kick NPP and it officers ASS to the curb this december and make ya new move,with ISAIAH 43:19 The Lord will do a new thing in ya life. Praise God and pray that the lord will direct ya guys to choose a good leader and not NPP and NDC.

GOD BLESS YOU AND OUR MOTHER LAND GHAND. thank ya ghana page for making it cool for me tell my fellow men and women about the wrong treat. please air for all the country to know because if salary for sevice can not afford common 3 time meal a day , do you think somebody outside will bring his/her business to Ghana?

Prophet Biscalet Paa Setoe
new jersey ,Piscataway USA

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