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Entertainment of Thursday, 30 November 2017


Throwback Thursday: Which is the best ‘jama’ school? Motown or Presec?

On Throwback Thursday, goes into the world of jama and digs into the good old memories that come with the jama session.

Motown? Presec? Are you talking about jama? That I am sure will be your reaction to the headline. But hold on! Don’t Presecans sing? They do! Motown, don’t they sing? They all do and even pretend to clap along when singing their most awkward hymns with discordant voices. That is their form of jama and you can’t take it away from the self-acclaimed ‘dadabee’ schools.

Of the many activities that make schooling memorable, the ‘jama’ session is undoubtedly one of them.

The jama sessions come in different shapes form and style. The Gey heys, Holycos, Motowns, come with the most gentle hymnal choir rendition. They clap as if there are eggs in-between their palms.

As for those Presecans and Mfantsipim guys you can’t even tell what is wrong with them. They walk as if the eggs are in between their legs and act as if they are fishes out of water anytime they go out for the sporting activities. Don’t be deceived if they tell you they are more comfortable studying.

Complete education is more than just studying. A diet is not balanced if it is heavy on ‘carbo’ but low on protein. One thing is certain though. They sing. At least they pretend to!

There are those who take the jama sessions as if it is part of their core subjects. The Bleoo Boys, Quainas, Adiscos. They are more like a family when they are out there. They rehearse, they set out and conquer the world with a spirited jama performance sometimes laced with profanity. They sing on top of their voices; they clap and dance with all the energy they could muster and when they get back to the classrooms they perform as well.

I can hear someone say this is bias! If it is bias please write your own. There is enough space here for publication. So which school is your best jama school? Is it the Bleoo boys, Wassarians, Adisco, Augusco, boys?

Or is it the Zulu Community, Vandals, Katanga or the Casfodians? With two days to go for the Joy FM's Old Skuulz Reunion, you can share your fondest old skuul jama memories right here on the comments session of