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Opinions of Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Columnist: Adjepong, Dennis

There is no need for ?wahala? demo, Kwesi Pratt.

I have learnt in deep sorrow the ignorant version of Kwesi Pratt for leading a wahala demonstration ?attributing it to the fact that Ghanaians are paying exorbitant fees for petroleum products in Ghana. Kwesi, it is a worldwide increase in petroleum products.

You cannot use your FM station platform to cause disorder in Ghana. Do you listen to financial news around the world? This is ridiculous. Can you find out from any part of the world that what I am saying is the white truth!!!. If the rich countries like UK and US could not subsidize the fuel prices, what do you expect from a poor country like Ghana who just got out from HIPC to do. Currently in the US, the national average of petrol is $2.25 per gallon; equivalent to 20250.cedis plus any applicable taxes that is due in Ghana. If anyone in Ghana should inflict harm on the nine member wahala organizers, I will not hold anyone liable.

Kwesi, don?t let the fish you?ve eaten into your body eat your entire mind. Don?t mislead the ignorant Ghanaians please. The fact is a fact.

OPEC, the world leading producers of petroleum has cut down supply and the demand for new vehicles has increased and that is the cause of the astronomical rise in petroleum. Don?t forget that Ghana has no oil to extract. Having said that, does this answer your motive of organizing multiple wahala?s? You are a local journalist. Please try to get to the international arena of journalism and you will have a better picture of what I am talking about. Kwesi, you can do better to help Ghana than this!!!.You can educate Ghanaians against waterborne diseases and other social menace not disturbing the general public.

My beloved countrymen and women, Nananom we should stop criticizing the present government and help build a better Ghana. Time is our limited currency that we have. Many countries like Malaysia are far advanced due to corporation, unity and strong sense of focus. We too are capable in doing better. Envy and hatred will not help us all.

by Dennis Adjepong
Business information systems
Strayer University, Alexandria ,VA

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