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Opinions of Friday, 6 November 2015

Columnist: Baba Tauffic

There is calm after every storm - NPP's Baba Tauffic

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From all indications, it's obvious that there is an uprising to mass up people to form a new movement.

Since the agenda of this new movement is to have a certain person as a flagbearer, they just want a reason to breakaway from the NPP hence the confusions here and there.

Patriots, let's not worry so much about these happenings. The earlier they breakaway, the better.

Prior to the 2000 and 2008 elections, the NDC suffered several breakaways but today they are ruling.

Certain individuals have become cancerous in the body of the NPP. We don't have to treat them but cut them off and save the entire body than try treating them as we watch them spread and affect other parts.

We need bold leaders to take bold decisions and stand by their actions. We can't allow few people to mess up the dreams of Ghanaians with their personal cheap interest.

Arise Patriots arise, let's chase out the greedy ones and save our party. Let's be guided by history and be resolute in our actions.

Let's motivate each other to psyche up for the unforeseen and unexpected because our enemies are not far from our noses.

May God almighty ALLAH strengthen our minds and heart to contain and stomach future eventualities as bad as they may appear.

NPP won't collapse, Nana Addo won't be in our history books as a flagbearer but the Best president Ghana ever had.

As the battle remains the LORD'S we mortals do all in vain, our LORD will triumph and victory won't elude us NO MATTER WHAT!

Baba Tauffic
Youth Organiser
Adentan Constituency

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