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Religion of Friday, 18 February 2022


The world should expect public disorder in March – Prophet Amoako Attah

Leader of the Lord’s Parliament Chapel, Prophet Francis Amoako-Attah Leader of the Lord’s Parliament Chapel, Prophet Francis Amoako-Attah

Beginning the month of March, the world has been cautioned to watch out for disruptions both in political and social circles.

Leader of the Lord’s Parliament Chapel, Prophet Francis Amoako-Attah revealed in an interview with Kwame Tanko on Angel Fm’s flagship program, Angel in the morning, on Thursday, February 17, 2022.

According to him, all his prophecies happen ‘systematically’ and this is no exception.

“I said at the beginning of this year that 2022 is a year of confrontations. I’ve made a lot of prophecies which have happened systematically. I even prophesied that even if Russia will attack Ukraine, it won’t be the month of February but March.

Prophet Amoako Attah emphasized that the month of march is full of explosions and public disorder, both in marriages, workplaces, politics, and governance. ‘All over the world. The situation in Europe will be worse,’ he added.

“The forces must be extra vigilant lest they kill unawares. It’s a month that people must as a matter of caution guard their hearts. Governments all over the world must be on high alert. These public disruptions will continue through August. However, with caution, we may continue to enjoy the peace and stability we have.

"This is not the month to abuse power. There’s a need to apply professionalism in dealing with people. You don’t out rule the needs of the people because you’ve the power to do so. Else situations will get out of hand.”

According to him, the symbol of the year 2022 is a yellow water tiger which symbolizes aggression and if caution is thrown to the dogs, the world will be found wanting.

“The world is dealing with a yellow water tiger this year. A tiger doesn’t engage in dialogues and is very aggressive. Something interesting but serious is cooking between America and Canada and the world must be concerned, he stressed.

Prophet Amoako Attah who is currently in Kumasi for an event – Prophetic shift, Rediscovering the Ashanti Kingdom through prophecies advised the world to remain calm in every situation and make the world a better place for all.