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Opinions of Thursday, 13 December 2018

Columnist: Musbau Razak

The nuisance of so-called celebrities must end; A case of Shatta Wale and Kwaku Manu

I am fed up with these so-called celebrities who have chosen to continually denigrate this great country at every least opportunity while they continue to profit thousands of cedis from the ordinary people of this nation.

Some weeks ago, Shatta Wale, of whom I am a staunch fan, reduced the nation to the level of a village. Interestingly, he continued to unsuccessfully justify this arrogant statement with a song.

Then some few days ago, Kwaku Manu of Kumawood fame, made another arrogant statement. According to him, he wouldn't hesitate to accept American citizenship nor to totally move away from Ghana as it not worth living in it neither is it worth being called a Ghanaian. In essence, the Ghanaian identity is not worth anything.

For me, this is the mark of some bunch of ungrateful so-called celebrities. Arguably, these are individuals who owe everything they have become to the Ghanaian people. Even for the opportunities which they have today with which they use to denigrate the nation.

At the time they became who they are today, this country wasn't a perfect one. It was still challenged as it is today. Yet, in the midst of all these, this country changed their fortunes and have since become so-called celebrities. Living in mansions, driving luxurious cars and living the life of their dreams.

However, for their sheer ungratefulness, when they have the opportunity to inspire hope, they choose to spread hopelessness, discouragement and despair. They make the young followers believe nothing good can come out of this country.

Equally, when they have the attention of foreigners they'd rather tell them how anxious they are to run away from this county than to woo them to come to invest in the country. Investments which have the potential to give many jobs and change the fortunes of many.

They have become Ambassadors of doom than goodwill. While still at this venture of denigrating the image of this country, they continue to live in luxury. Buying luxurious cars they need not with jewelry across the globe lurking on their bodies.

Interestingly, until recently when government announced plans to tax their incomes, they were paying no income tax from the thousands of cedis they keep earning from Ghanaians. We can longer tolerate their arrogance and ungratefulness. We can't afford to let them continue to impede the progress this country is painstakingly making with their loose mouths.

We will celebrate grateful ones as Michael Essien who once managed to bring Jose Mourinho and Chelsea here to explore talents. And Abraham Attah who managed to ship thousands of shoes for use by young students. And even to Asamoah Gyan who has indeed invested heavily in the country. And many other ones giving back to this nation in myriads of ways despite the obvious challenges. I salute them, continue to inspire hope and investing in the nation

Ghana is still a work in progress. People are still toiling in offices, markets, farms and the like to move this country forward. It will take time but we won't give up. We surely get there!

Together we will sail to glory.

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