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Opinions of Friday, 14 April 2017


The jokes are too many in this country

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Just as Ghanaians are beginning to heave sighs of relief that finally their nightmare, the Galamsey menace, is being overrun, crushed and defeated through a concerted effort, what transpired in court, when some Chinese nationals and their Ghanaian accomplices were put before court, indicate otherwise to the effect that the worst days are all but over.

The jokes in this country are just too many, what language did they police use and by extension the prosecutor to communicate with the Chinese nationals before preparing them for court.

If it was obvious to them that, the only language they are conversant with is Chinese, why not provide for them an interpreter or take one along to the court.

We have allowed so many people to flout our lawyers and pay their way out, the issue of galamsey must not be taken lightly, as the destruction it is causing far outweigh any benefits it brings to us.

We are all watching until the case is called again on April 24, 2017, for hearing to commence. This case is a test case for future cases, any attempt to sweep under the carpet, will not be tolerated.

All those involved in making sure that, we have a successful prosecution, must up their game.

In our considered opinion, we have not dealt decisively with the issue of galamsey. This is the first time perhaps, as a country we are united against a common enemy.

Nobody should through their negligence or lack of interest allow this case to drag on forever. We request a speedy trial and a stiffer punishment to serve as deterrent to others, who will think this country is a banana republic.

The Chinese ambassador’s letter to the government was intended to strike fear into the minds of the authorities to tone down on the crusade.

No stone will be left unturned to flash out those involved in the illegal act, regardless of their nationality.

The ambassador must know that, this country is a democratic state and so the media cannot be gagged. He should join in the fight or watch on the sidelines, whiles we rid this country of miscreants, who will not be here, when we no longer have water to drink.

We will safeguard the future of this country, no matter the consequences.

As we celebrate Easter, may our sacrifices bring the much needed unity, peace and love to our great country Ghana.

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