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General News of Tuesday, 31 August 2021


The inside story of how bloody clash in NPP Suhum Constituency unfolded

Screengrab of Suhum MP's driver chasing a party member with a cutlass play videoScreengrab of Suhum MP's driver chasing a party member with a cutlass

• A bloody intra-party clash made headlines over the weekend

• Cutlass wound was inflicted on a member of the ruling New Patriotic Party

• The incident took place at a funeral of the father of a serial caller in the Suhum constituency

Last Saturday, August 28, reports emerged from the Suhum Constituency of the Eastern Region of an intra-party clash in the ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP.

The incident resulted in a cutlass wound being inflicted on the head of a party member with some injuries reported. Police are now looking for the aggressor, one Jamalo, said to be the driver of the Suhum Member of Parliament.

Initial reports said the clash was between factions loyal to the MP Kwadjo Asante and an aspiring rival whose name was given as Protozoa, known to be head of political desk at the Office of the Chief of Staff.

Opare, the senior serial caller whose father’s funeral was taking place, spoke to Captain Smart on the Monday, August 31 edition of the Onua Maakye programme where he gave a full account of what transpired at the funeral.

Opare speaks: Contrary to reports, Protozoa was absent

He confirmed that Protozoa had attended the funeral but left before the bloody scuffle ensued and that the MP came along with his driver and aides as well as the Women’s Organizer and Constituency Secretary.

In narrating the true facts, Opare said: “My brothers, grassroots callers are many in the region, Yahuza, Amoani Fitter, Big Deal and co. There were lots of programmes so my brothers were acting as ushers. So when the MP arrived, they received him as they did with all other dignitariues.

“After he took his seat, a number of colleague callers decided to go and formally greet the MP but his aide, who happens to be his brother (called Mantey) said the MP doesn’t recognize us so he won’t allow us to approach him. This was myself and another colleague called Big Deal, leading the entourage.

After the blockage, he added: “So my brothers said they will rather take their leave since they had failed to greet the MP. So it was when my brother took the microphone to announce their exit under the cisrcumstance, that the Women’s Organizer, accosted him and slapped him saying he was talking nonsense.

“When she did that, it ensued in a melee that led to the MP’s driver going to grab a cutlass to inflict wounds on my brother, throwing the funeral into pandemonium and causing my family to blame me for the mess.”

Asked what could have motivated the attack, he said the driver might have been prepared because reports indicate that he had engaged in similar violent events elsewhere before arriving in Suhum.

Recuperating Amoani Peter speaks

The party member who suffered the cutlass wound has spoken about the fracas vowing to do all it takes to ensure that the MP’s driver is jailed.

“I will fight this case to its logical conclusion. I will pursue the matter in court and ensure that the MP's driver is severely punished. I was only calling for calm, but the driver hit me with the cutlass," he said, collaborating the account of Opare.


Meanwhile, the Suhum Police Command in the Eastern Region said it was pursuing one Jamalo for inflicting wounds Amoani at a funeral ceremony.