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Opinions of Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Columnist: Emmanuel Kwasi Mawuena

The fall of Major Mahama; reflections and lessons

When nature strikes humanity, we call it disaster since it is uncontrollable. But it is sad to note that "Man's inhumanity to man," is the leading cause of pain to the human race worldwide.

The gruesome pain and death visited on Captain Maxwell Adams Mahama, while at the service of his country, is a classical case of darkened hearts of men, indiscipline and lawlessness that has taken root in our society.

The young Captain full of life was put to an untimely death when he was allegedly mistaken for an armed robber.

His plea to be taken to the Police station even if he was a robber was never heeded.

The sad and unfortunate incident has thrown the entire country into a state of mourning amidst condemnation of the long standing barbaric act of mob justice.

For the family, this is a long battle in which their comfort can only come from God.

The swift arrest of suspects as well as government support to the family is laudable.

As investigation continues, the nagging question is what really motivated the barbaric act? Whether this was motivated by suspicion of the Captain being an armed robber or due to “galamsay” business interest, under no circumstance should anyone die like this!

Sadly and ironically, the armed Captain had to join many others on the road of mob justice as a hero though. The story however could have been quite different.

The news headlines could have probably read; “a wicked Captain Mahama kills dozens of citizens he was meant to protect” that is if he had chosen to engage those blood thirsty mob as in the battlefield as he was trained to do.

He would have killed many and likely survived. But if that had happened, who will hear him out? How will the state, media and Ghanaians treat him? He would have probably been behind bars by now seen as a villain and live the rest of his life miserably.

This is the more reason why we need due process and give opportunities to people to be proven guilty or not guilty. Besides, while we easily judge an armed robber and think they deserve instant death, many of us are not any different from them before God.

For this reason, many who subscribe to Christianity and other religions who easily call for the blood of others need self-examination as to if they are really who they call themselves.

While criminals deserve due justice through laid down legal processes on this earth, they should be seen with the eye of mercy as God does.

Besides, where lies our conscience when women and mothers delight in atrocity; lighting fire to burn fellow men and taking close range pictures to share.

It is unfortunate how we have come to delight in evil and bad news and climax our acts by taking pleasure in sharing with passion.

At this moment, the least we can do to help the family is to abstain from sharing gory pictures and videos on the incident and also get rid of them on our phones and devices.

The menace of mob justice and all forms of inhumane treatments such as striping women naked in public must be frowned upon by society.

Unfortunately, authorities, civil society and individuals have not paid the needed attention to the phenomenon under the guise or assumption that it is the fate of criminals.

This mindset must change as anybody can be a victim. While we call for attitudinal change, law enforcement must be on top on the game of lawlessness.

The growing indiscipline including the emergence and institutionalization of illegitimate forces in the country must be taken more seriously.

In addition, our security services need to focus on intelligence which is imperative not only for improving general security but ensuring the safety of security personnel.

For instance, was there any intelligence information on potential violence by the locals of Denkyira that could have informed the late Captains movement? A more serious concern is possible big business interest that may be involved - which should be carefully investigated.

This is crucial as the actual killers may be ‘cooling-off’ to continue their business while their employees in this evil act root in jail.

Meanwhile we all owe it as a duty to assist our security forces by providing information and expose perpetrators of all forms of social ills to serve as deterrent to others.

It is however sad that in a state of mourning, a 55-year-old man is also reported to have been lynched to death upon suspicion of stealing 1.50 cedis.

Perhaps it is high time we consider passing an actionable bill or an act on mob justice.

Farewell Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama. We share in this pain and join the family, loved ones and country to mourn you.

We take comfort in this; - “They were put to death by stoning; [a] they were sawed in two; they were killed by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated—the world was not worthy of them - Hebrew 11:37-38a.

Emmanuel Kwasi Mawuena
Concerned Citizen

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