The Nayele Ametefe Cocaine Saga – The Complicity Deepens | Opinions 2015-02-26
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Opinions of Thursday, 26 February 2015

Columnist: Okudzeto, Curtis Perry K.

The Nayele Ametefe Cocaine Saga – The Complicity Deepens

The Naayele Ametefe cocaine sage has given rise to widespread belief in the complicity of the NDC government.

The circumstances in this matter give credence to this widespread belief: Ms. Ametefe’s transit through the VVIP lounge at Kotoka International Airport, her carrying of cocaine in her hand luggage through the VVIP lounge, the Diplomatic Car on the tarmac at Heathrow Airport that came to meet Ms Ametefe’s flight, her arrest on the plane to prevent her from disembarking, the official cover-up attempts (NACOB’s false co-operation with British security, conflicting stories from various Ministers of State regarding Nayele’s use of the VVIP lounge, and conflicting stories on Alhaji Dawuud’s arrest, etc, have all lent credence to the belief of government’s complicity.

In the aftermath of Ms. Ametefe’s conviction in a London court, the government announced the arrest of 6 people accused of aiding and abetting Nayele. Government also made a show of seizing properties of Ms. Ametepe in accordance with the law.

Nothing much seems to have come out of these trumpeted actions. The announcement of an action to confiscate Ms Ametepe’s properties seems to have been just that – an announcement. The prosecution of those accused of being accomplices who aided and abetted Ms. Ametefe suffered from several non-appearances in court by prosecution officials. Yesterday, 24th February, 2015, the prosecution has ended in a nolle prosequi (i.e official termination of the prosecution) lending even more credence to the suspicion that this trial was a mere “show trial”.

The questions still then remain: Who should be held responsible for Nayele Ametefe travelling the VVIP lounge when she was not entitled, and how she carried 12.5kg of cocaine through the VVIP of the Kotoka International Airport, and who aided and abetted her?

This situation has deepened the already great suspicion of government’s complicity in this whole Ms. Ametepe cocaine smuggling saga.