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Opinions of Monday, 7 November 2016

Columnist: Abdullah, Abdullah

The NDC hat trick and a Guinness book of records

This is it. God willing, come December NDC shall register a Hat trick and have new entrants into the Guinness book of Records. Everyone has something to celebrate for.

Since after Nkrumah, Ghana’s infrastructure has seen a steady decline in quality and quantity, luckily for us, a visionary leader emerges from the people and sees the need to rebuild them. Now we can stand tall among nations and say one day we will not be a beggar nation. One day the vision of our first leader will be realized and Ghana will once again match towards self sufficiency. But this needs a courageous leader combined with sacrifices from us the people.

What people fail to realize is that when we receive aid from America and Europe or Japan, this aid we receive is coming from the sacrifice of their citizens in the form of taxes. For us to say we are using what we get properly, and are determined to be self reliant, developmental, indexes such as Health care, Education, roads, factories, Youth employment must be palpable. In previous governments, we could count accomplishment by the fingers of our hand and one hand at that! Enter Mahama we start counting without end. Miraculous feat of accomplishments.

Mahama commissions Kumasi Airport, Mahama Commissions Komenda sugar factory, Mahama commissions Naval headquarters, Mahama commissions FPSO Atta Mills, Mahama commissions 120-bed hospital at Dodowa, Mahama commissions Nkrumah Circle 3-tier interchange, Mahama innugrates Sunyani Technical University, Mahama inspects Kasoa interchange, Mahama inspects Kumasi Kajetia market, Mahama inspects University of Medical Sciences in Volta Region. Those Kuffour gallons are no more – their history, Dumsor which plagued Ghana for years is no more. Soon it will be history and I could go on and on and on.

The work is beyond belief, unprecedented; we can’t count them all at one sitting. Yet “Mahama is incompetent”. If these accomplishments are what incompetence is, then we the people of Ghana will vote for incompetence. We saw what competence did for us, they stole and built hotels and when we spoke they told us Corruption started since Adam so we should shut our freaking mouths. When they sold narcotics and were arrested and we spoke they said it was no big deal. No big deal because this how they sponsored their party. When they had no money to pay salaries they sold Ghana telecommunications in a phony deal when we complained they said they will do it 100 times, and again we should shut your freaking traps. When they gave diplomatic pass ports to drug dealers and we spoke they just pretend dumb and say this is no corruption, and we could go on and on till we drop dead.

They say when they win they will not de-stool any chief, yet when they won; they orchestrated the killing of The Yana and cleverly hid all evidences to please their supporters. Just as we cannot finish counting Mahama’s accomplishments so we cannot finish counting their disappointments!. Yet they have the audacity to call Mahama incompetent. Really?

We have two types of voters; those who vote with their minds and those who vote with their hearts. Those who vote with their minds put one and one together; they of think of the general interest and vision of the country and cast their vote. They are those who will vote for Mahama. There are those who vote with their hearts out of emotion. They say he is my tribe I’ll vote for him, some of them say he is trying a third time lets pity him and vote for him. Some say he is our man. Some say Mahama has been here for long let us change him. They vote for NPP. I say why change an achiever?. They also say some of his people are corrupt, and I say the corrupt ones in NDC will be the angels in NPP. The scandals in NDC will be counted as accomplishments in NPP. Don’t you know that?

The NPP shows their mischievousness without let. Afari-Gyan the scrupulous past leader of EC was thrown everything but the kitchen sink just for doing his work honestly and fairly. When they win he is good, when they lose he is cheating them. See their contradictory standards. They even wished him dead. When Charlotte Osei took over, they accused her of using her womanhood to get the job. That is way beyond the pale. Maybe we should check Agyapong’s DNA and match with those of his parents. We may see where he is coming from with such aspersion. What people – despicable!! No respect even for a woman!. And they have no remorse; even their women can shout out nonsense about the President. A woman’s attitude towards another woman’s husband is a testimony of what her husband is putting up with.

Come December Insha Allah, The NDC and Mr. Mahama will register a hat trick acquiring the third goal as header because it will be much easier this time around. Mahama trounced them when he was adjusting to the new role, now that he has reached the top of the learning curve the third goal will just be a header from a corner kick. But that’s not all. The NPP duo will have the pride of entering the Guinness book of records as the duo that has lost elections three times against the same party.

Do you see the euphoria they display now? It’s a déjà vu. In 2008, it was the kangaroo dance; they danced until they fell into trance and ended up in a ditch. This time God willing they will fall in the ditch and never come out because the win for Mahama is going to be massive. This is easy to see; while Mahama is putting his foot print everywhere in the form of developments - and the developments that will campaign for him, they are busy rhyming “ he is incompetent”

“He did nothing”. At least they are consistent in their rhyme. If he is doing nothing, the school boy in Dodowa sees something. Let those who have eyes see. Those who will use the New Maritime hospital in Tema see something.

Those who will use the New Military hospital in Ashanti region will see something. Those who will use the Ridge hospital see something. When planes land in Kumasi at night the passengers will see something. When bigger planes start landing in Kumasi the people will see something! The people in Sekyere Kumawu see a new hospital and they see something. When we see the Komenda sugar factory, we see something, when we see the Kumasi shoe factory we see something.

Thanks to God we have eyes and we can see. Not like those with eyes but they cannot see. They say it is not right for anyone not from the wealthy part of Ghana to rule, but their poster child is from that very same area. Go figure!. Without him, they cannot do anything.

Allah is with you Mahama. Your efforts will not be in vain. God will reward you. Keep being the humble man you are. Let them make the classroom presentations until they drop dead. Ghanaians see something.

Abdullah Abdullah

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