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Opinions of Saturday, 11 August 2012

Columnist: Poku, Kwaku G.

The Greedy Bastards and the Rented Press ....

.... Contributed to Prof. Atta Mills Death.

Now that the late president Atta Mills is buried and the nation is getting back to normal, it is now appropriate to call for investigation of his death. A public figure as the late president was, his death should be investigated to know the cause of the death especially considering the circumstances surrounding his death.

According to the late president advisors, some party members and the rented press, the late president was very “healthy” and was ready to hit the campaign trail for his re-election, so his “unexpected” death was a shock to them. Oh Really?

When Nana Akuffo Addo issued a statement to wish the Prof. Mills a safe return from his medical treatment in the United States, he was met with insults from the kinds of Akwasi Pratt, Okudjeto Ablakwa, Alhaji Bature and others for having the audacity to use “medical treatment” in his statement. The loud-mouth, the so-called seasoned and unethical Journalist, Pratt, called Nana Addo’s statement “mischievous and diabolical”. I hope Mr. Pratt will take these words back now and apologize to his onetime friend, Nana Akuffo Addo.

When the president returned from his “medical check-up” in the United States, he was made to jog at the airport and he told the entire nation that his doctors in the United States had given him a clean bill of health. How callous could they have been to allow him jog at the airport? Less than a week before his death, he was seen inspecting the construction of Accra-Kumasi road and commissioning school under scorching heat. Are these greedy bastards that heartless? But with the exception of these greedy bastards, unethical Journalists and their rented press, everyone knew the president was not well. Within a month after his “medical check-up” in the United States, he was dead and God only knows whether he died in the Castle or at 37 military hospital. A person as “healthy” as the president was and who had personal doctors and nurses around him 24/7 does not die the way he did.

It is therefore prudent for his Excellency, President John Mahama, to set up a non-partisan commission to investigate the cause of the late president death. He should ignore the likes of T.B. Joshua and Akwasi Pratt and proceed to set up this commission. I leave who and what to investigate to the commission members. But I am pretty sure the commission will start from the late president advisors in the Castle. What advice did these advisors give to the president when even a non medical doctor like me could see from afar that his health was deteriorating? It is abundantly clear that the late president should have spent more than two weeks in the United States when he went for the “medical check-up” so who counseled him to return earlier? It is definitely not his American medical doctors. Did they take his health into consideration when they advised him to seek re-election? Who advised the late president to inspect Accra-Kumasi road and commission the now President Evans Atta Mills Educational Centre of Excellence under the scorching heat when they knew he was sick?

As papa Rawlings rightly said, but at an inopportune time, Prof. Mills’ death was avoidable if he had received a good counsel.

These greedy bastards should bow their heads in shame and dare not blame the opposition for his death. Their terrible counsel contributed to the president demise.


Kwaku G. Poku

Alexandria, Virginia USA on twitter: kensara8