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Opinions of Monday, 16 September 2013

Columnist: Issah, Lutfah

The Ghanaian Pride

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It is God’s Will that President John Dramani Mahama governs the country, and it is said that what God has destined, no man puts asunder. We wouldn’t want it any other way, so thank God for little blessings.
After all, one of Nana Addo Danquah AkufoAddo’s bill boards indicated – “The battle is the Lord’s.” This very clearly indicated that the 2012 Ghanaian presidential election was for the Lord to determine. Strangely enough the same Nana Addo Danquah AkufoAddo has taken the Good Lord to court to determine why the Good Lord did not direct Dr, Afari Djan to declare him the winner. The NPP has a penchant of setting exam questions, taking it, and marking it themselves and when that fails they declare the following; “the stolen verdict;” “so far so good,” “sending the elephant to the bush,” and lately they are crying wolf for the just ended 2012 elections.
The "BIG elephant" directed all elephants not to leave the polling stations after voting and to be vigilant. Did the elephants sleep, snore and slumber? So NPP’s executives need to grow up and get over it. It is clear what NPP’s problem is; they could not sell their free SHS for all Ghanaians, so they had to in anticipation launch their mantra “All die be die” after the Atiwa dress rehearsal during the bye election.
Prophet professor John Evans Atta Mills told the world “Ghana will not die, Ghana will live.” We (Ghanaians) have serious problems to solve and we need serious people to solve them. And this made it very obvious that whatever Ghana’s problems are, the NPP party is not the least bit interested in solving them. NPP is interested in two things and two things only; 1) instigating its sympathizers to create chaos in the country, and 2) blaming innocent Electoral Commission and the winning Party (NDC) for it.
This party (NDC) has been through a lot for the past several years and mostly in the hands of the NPP – From cheating us to stay in power for a second term, to making sure that no person affiliated to the NDC party has a job. Coupled with our founder’s wife almost breaking us apart, then the hardest blow hit; our dearest President, President Evans Atta Mills (one of the finest men I’ve ever known) had to sadly leave us to his Caller, leaving us with barely three months to re-strategize to compete with a party (NPP) that has been campaigning for over three years. And through it all, we came out winners.Ghanaians voted for the Better Ghana Agenda Allahu-akbar!!!!!
Let me take this opportunity to thank allGhanaians and to say we love you so very much and could not have won this election without you. I also want to apologize to you in advance should what I’m about to say hurt any of you in anyway. I do not have any intention of hurting any of you but these people I’m about to mention.
I will start with Antony Karbo. I’m not mad at you in any way, I’m only saddened by the fact that you happened to come from my side of northern Ghana (which I doubt). You may want to check with your mom to come clean with you as to who your father is, and I mean your real father, because I know the Karbo family and none of them is like you, sorry!! But next time you feel like disrespecting respectable, knowledgeable and honorable elders, people that are at a peak you can never get to even in your wildest dream, leave Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu out of it. He is way out of your league, and you can consider this a warning! And next time you go out to promote genocide, you should be rest assured that it’s going to be on your real family, the one that your mom never disclosed to you. Your 15 minutes are up Antony and you need to shut up!!!!
Abu Jinapor, didn’t you just got out of law school, and what do you really know about the law already? I love and respect lawyers and thank God that there is a lawyer and there is a lawyer, and everything indicates you will not be a good lawyer anyway. I really like your brother (John Jinapor) and for my love and respect for him, I will just leave it at that. But I just want you to know that you don’t have to prove yourself to the NPP leadership, because honey, everybody can see how hard you are trying to fit in. So stop trying so hard, you really don’t need them, but if for any reason you think you do, so be it, but you need to hush!!!!
Ursula, Ursula, Ursula! Hmmmmm, where do I start with you? See, I am a woman that loves to see fellow women striving to make a difference. I admire your strength and fight to help your people (if truly that’s your motive), but I do respect and admire you when you are not talking. So can you do me a favor and fight for your constituency without opening your big mouth, please? And from one woman to another; could you just go back and learn more about your country, since you mentioned that you would fight for all women in the country once you got to parliament (I assume that would include women from the northern part of Ghana?). You mentioned that but for free education; President Mahama and all the northern NDC leaders would be rearing cattle. Are you serious? Well, let me educate you my dear educated illiterate sister; besides the fact that cattle rearing is quite a decent way of earning a leaving, people from northern Ghana don’t rear cattle. The last time I checked, it was still the Fulani who rear cattle in Ghana, and you know what that means right? It means your vice presidential candidate’s wife and her family would have been doing that job without free education. As much as I do understand where your bitterness is coming from (I would be bitter too if my dad rejected me and cut me off his will), but please, please, please, Miss new MP, if you have nothing to say for a positive contribution to a discussion, shut up your big pipe hole, because you look a little attractive when you are not talking!
Hon. Nana Akomea or whatever you call yourself. You are a member of parliament I understand? And you come on national TV, and for the many times you have to address the President of Ghana, you do it by just mentioning his name like he is any ordinary person? I don’t know your level of education, but there’s a school I would urge you to attend, and it’s called the school of respect. I think it’s about time you start addressing the President as President John Dramani Mahama, because that’s who he is – THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA, and the sooner you accept this, the better for you. I just want to give you the benefit of the doubt that you know what respect is, but just don’t know how to give it? The President I believe would not care what you call or address him, but we the citizens of Ghana do care and expect you to respect Ghana by addressing the elected leader of Ghana as such! I personally don’t know how the President does it; he seems to have patience for people like you who claim they love Ghana but clearly can’t stand Ghanaians. I don’t see how you can respect your country without respecting the elected leader of Ghana that is hypocritical if you asked me. You actually want to be addressed as the “Honorable Nana Akomea,” but you can’t even address the President as Mr. President? Wow! This is just common sense 101, and I don’t think it’s too hard to grasp, not even for you!
Hon. Kennedy Agyapong! I don’t even know what to say to you. The least said about you, the better! But that shouldn’t stop me from just giving you a little advice, being as kind as I am; please do your best and get some home schooling (I want to believe you can afford it, since you don’t hesitate to blab about how rich you are), and start all over again, starting from kindergarten and whiles you at it, please read the book called “Courtesy for Boys & Girls,” and come back fresh, then we can talk. Good luck! Oh and on behalf of the people of Ghana, I am kissing you with a BIG THANK YOU for handing us with the winning ticket, muah!
Jake Obetsebi Lamptey! I really never expected anything less from you. Ever heard the saying “like father, like son”? All your so called father knew how to do was causing mayhem – dropping bombs and killing innocent citizens for his own selfish needs, but the mistake you are making now is being so dumb to realize that Ghana yesterday is completely different from Ghana today. But for my love for Ghana and citizens of Ghana, I have to swallow my pride and plead with you to stop trying to instigate Ghanaians to hate and hurt each other, because this is the only country we have, since you might have another home elsewhere to run to. Please, please, please, we implore you!!!
President J.A. Kufour! See, I have to be careful here, because you were my President for eight years and being the patriotic Ghanaian as I am, I have to accord you respect whether I like it or not. You are one of the Presidents of Ghana, you signed the peace treaty in Kumasi, then you came on national TV at the time that emotions were high and citizens were about to cut each other’s throats, and said that the Electoral Commission (EC) has to be blamed should anything bad happen? Come on,Former President, what’s up with that? Do you actually think a statement like that will promote peace? Well, if that was your thought, I’m sorry, it did the opposite. You indirectly told your party (NPP) sympathizers to go ahead and hurt the NDC sympathizers and it’s okay to blame their actions on the EC. I don’t care what anybody says, but your statement has no other meaning but what I’ve just explained. I’m sorry! As a senior Statesman, you lost the unique opportunity to be remembered as a peace ambassador.
So you all need to get over yourselves, accept that you’ve been defeated, then start preparing to face us again come 2016 and maybe, just maybe you might be able to give us a tough race then, though I know Inshallah we’re taking it again. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Precious,
Peace envoy, Ghana

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