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General News of Tuesday, 20 July 2021


The Church must step in before greedy politicians sign off LGBTQ+ - Clergyman warns

A recent office for LGBTQ+ activists was shutdown by authorities A recent office for LGBTQ+ activists was shutdown by authorities

Christian leadership in the country must step up, stand up and sit up to their responsiblities to avert further moral and spiritual decadence in the society.

This is the view of the immediate past Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church, GEC, Very Reverend Edem Tettey; who has also decried what he describes as the increasing "loss of taste" by the church generally.

He puts this loss of taste sown to politicization and partsanship on the part of top leadership of Christian groups who in his words "have strong political affiliation with the ruling political party, where their allegiance belongs."

He warns that with the current state of affairs, the Church must delink itself from politics and retake its role of fighting for the poor and lowly in society as espoused by the holy scriptures.

He particularly cited the risk of having a social and religious anomaly as the same-sex movement thriving if the Chruch for example leaves the LGBTQ+ issue to politicians alone to deal with.

“If our Christian leaders will easily yield to African politicians, who are known to win people easily with money, we must pray that the LGBTQ+ movements, which are also flexing their financial muscles, do not take over the Churches," he said.

Reverend Tettey presented these views when he delivered the inaugural Rev Edward Kodzo Amenyedu Leadership Excellence Award Lecture in Accra over the weekend.

The Lecture was on the topic: “Contemporary Leadership Challenges Confronting the Church of Christ in Ghana."

Parliament is currently considering a strong law to criminalize the practice of same-sex relationships.

The clergy - Christian and Islamic - have also been vocal in voicing opposition to the practice which they deem as unacceptable spiritually but also morally and culturally.

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