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Opinions of Friday, 20 August 2010

Columnist: Aberewa Ba

Taking the fight to the NDC

The NDC, realising how disillusioned Ghanaians have become at their failure to deliver on their campaign promises, and seeing defeat in the next election staring them in the face, have resorted to cheap personal insults of its critics and political as a campaign strategy. This is a sure sign of their desperation and the fear and panic unleashed in their hearts by the emphatic victory of Akufo-Addo

We in the NPP will not sit back and allow them to use this primitive and discredited strategy again, otherwise they will feel emboldened and continue to use crass insults and abuse to intimidate the opposition and cow us into silence towards the 2012 election. The only language bullies understand is force, so the most appropriate response is to match them decency for decency and insult for insult. Period!

Consider the following: One of the major campaign propaganda tools of the NDC in the 2008 elections was their claim that the NPP flagbearer is a drug addict. That is a blatant lie and they know it. They admitted during the vetting of their Ministers in Parliament that it was only ’campaign talk’. Nana will never use illicit drugs. Indeed, he doesn’t even drink alcohol and hasn’t done so for the past 15 years or so! If he cannot tolerate alcohol, how can he use stronger substances?

Those who have questions to answer about their private lives are John Evans Atta Mills and his vice John Mahama.

‘Holier than thou’ Atta Mills while still married to Naadu in Christian holy matrimony, slept with and impregnated a young, naïve teenager and and to compound the problem, went on to abandon his only child. Since this child was born, the President of the Republic, who claims he is a father for all, has refused to admit the poor boy into his home. Naadu issued a fatwa that she did not want his ‘pikinaboro’ in her house and he trembled like a leaf. If he cannot be a father to his own son, how can he be a father for all Ghanaians? He and his wife would much rather lavish their love, affection and money on their dogs (sweetie pie and candy etc.) rather than his only child! Can we trust this man? Where are his priorities and sense of judgement? Only a ‘mentally unstable’ and ‘delusional’ person will behave in such a bizarre manner.

John Mahama, his Vice President is worse. He claims he is a Christian. Yet, he has had eleven (11) children with eight (8) women. According to the women, he told them he was a divorcee and promised each of them marriage. There are even unconfirmed rumours that a vice presidential baby has been born since they came into office! This serial polygamist not only deceived these women and used them for his selfish pleasure, but also showed them gross disrespect. It is no wonder his spokesperson openly and brazenly calls Ghanaian women prostitutes and is congratulated by his boss. Obviously, they all share the same low opinion of women. Is this a man Ghanaians can trust? None of our young girls will be safe around him. For heaven’s sake, can’t he use condoms or zip up?

These are the leaders of the self-styled men and women of integrity, honest, God fearing and humble people!!!!! Two words aptly describe them “HYPOCRITICAL PHARISEES!”

And these are the very same NDC people talking about morality and insulting their elders and betters???? Stay tuned for the private lives of Alban Bagbin, Hannah Bisiw, and the rest of them. Ghanaians deserve to know who these people really are!