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General News of Sunday, 20 June 2021


Stop the discrimination against fathers – Consulting Physician

A lot of people have argued that fathers do not get as much recognition compared to mothers A lot of people have argued that fathers do not get as much recognition compared to mothers

A Consulting Physician at the Endpoint Homeopathic Clinic, Dr. Kelvin Kwarteng has advised Ghanaians not to discriminate against fathers in the celebration of Father’s Day. The physician noted it is always good when the same prominence that is given to mothers is also extended to men.

His reason is that the celebration of Father’s Day with its attending gifts has some psychological impacts on some fathers who don’t stand the chance of receiving recognition from their children.

Dr. Kwarteng is not the only man who has condemned the inequality in recognition for the two gender as many Ghanaians have raised similar questions about how society places high value on mother’s day while father’s day is mute.

Dr. Kwarteng made the observation on the 3FM sunrise morning show as part of the station’s long month celebration of Father’s Day.

“We thank you guys for doing what you are doing-especially for fathers. Some of us are behind and watching you from afar and you are doing a great job especially for fathers; we are being discriminated against a lot. Mothers are celebrated more than the fathers and that shouldn’t be the case”.

Meanwhile, as part of the celebration to recognize fathers, the Endpoint Homeopathic Clinic has offered free lab tests to listeners of 3FM for what they term the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA).

“We are going to screen the whole prostate and not only that. We will also do a free PSA which is very expensive; I think is GHC 400 and we are offering that for free”.

He advised men to start screening for prostate cancer from age 25.