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Politics of Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Stop security agencies from abusing authority – OccupyGhana

Pressure group, Occupy Ghana, has asked government to stop the country from taking ‘the path of waywardness’ by ensuring that security agencies do not abuse their power in the execution of their mandate which includes protecting all residents of Ghana.

The pressure group cited incidents like the arrest of the three South African ex police officers and the arrest of Dr. Edmond Ayo Ani by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) over photos taken of 50 Mahindra vehicles that were reportedly diverted to the NDC from the NCCE, as evidence of what they (Occupy Ghana) call ‘the over bearing executive presidency we have created for ourselves with its allied agencies of the state that commit blunders with careless abandon.’

In the case of the three South Africans, they were still kept in the custody of the BNI for several hours and finally deported even after the court had ordered they be granted bail.

“Ghanaians must close their minds at night feeling secure in the Government and not be concerned that there is a lurking internal danger on their doorstep. We must be made sedate because our security forces are looking after our safety rather than running interference in our everyday life,” the group said in the statement.

Occupy Ghana has thus called on President Mahama to make sure that all security agencies do not abuse their authority.

“Unless President John Mahama arrests the growing lawlessness of the security agencies and forces a U-turn of the totally anti-democratic abuse of authority, this country will lose its lead as a foremost democracy in Sub-Sahara Africa and a guiding star to other countries in the region to follow our example…” “It is time to turn around and head in the right direction,” the group said in a statement.